How to Cut Faux Stone Properly

Tips on Cutting Faux Stone Panels Correctly

Faux stone is one of the most versatile products to hit the home improvement market. In this article we will discuss how to properly cut faux stone. Cutting faux stone is simple and easy to do. The polyurethane is durable yet light enough to allow for an easy cut with any saw. The recommended saw for this product is the table saw. It ensures the straightest and highest quality cut. If you look in your garage and your toolbox and do not find one do not worry you will still be able to use any other kind of saw such as a jigsaw or circular saw in order to finish your product.

The main thing you should be focused on while doing your project is the proper preparation in order to secure the panels into place and to ensure the correct measurements for your needs. Do not fret because installing faux stone only takes minutes. The amazing difference is jaw dropping and highly gratifying once you see your redesigned porch and realized that you did yourself or got somebody to do it at a fraction of the cost of real stone. Take a look:

Avoiding Problems

Deciding On Right Approach
Correct Preparation Saves time.

Some problems that arise while cutting is dealing with pipes or fixtures that they want to panel around which highlights the beauty of faux stone which is simply that you can cut anywhere to fit your needs. After you receive a panel you simply face it where you want and draw out the line where you need to cut in order to fit the piping. If you run into any problems such as having too much or little of a panel the large assortment of finished edges will fit to your needs thereby giving you the customized look and professional finished result when you are done with your project.

Indeed, if the surface you are looking to cover has windows and other fixtures a simple calculation can be done in order to ensure you get the right amount of material. Essentially, all you have to do is calculate the area of the windows or doors but the best way to do the calculations is to let support staff and customer service. Multiply length by width of the window or door then subtract that amount by the whole area of the wall. The answer you will have is the square feet of area you need to cover.

After Faux Stone Siding Is Installed
After Faux Stone Siding Is Installed

Once you have established the exact area you need to cover draw out where the panels will go. Then apply how many you will need according to your design. Triple check your measurements and then confirm with the actual panels where you want them to go. Make sure to do the cutting as you go. Do not start cutting right away or else you will not be able to keep a continuous flow of pattern. The goal is to stack the panels properly cutting off the edges in order to place them in a pattern. The edge that you cut off goes onto the level right above it and interlocks them into place that is why it is important to do your cutting as you go along.

A great place to find a picture step guide is by searching Google or Youtube for how to install faux products.  So keep your saw and marker handy. Always, use your tape measure in order to ensure you are cutting off the right pieces. In order to ensure a professional look make sure edges are cut straight. Be safe and have fun with your next home transformation project.

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