Quick and Easy Faux Brick Installation

Today, many homeowners and designers are too quick to give up the use of a stone or brick look to incorporate in a design. If you are looking for a good design tool that you may use to revamp the look of your house, then you should look into using a nice brick look in order to get a more earthy and natural tone to your abode.

Real brick can get quite complicate but since faux brick will look just like a real brick, placing them in key areas of your house will definitely give your whole property a whole new feel. You will not even have to spend a lot of money in order to get your hands on the brick panels that you need for your design. They are highly available and very affordable, which should be a dream for homeowners like you.

The most realistic brick look
The most realistic brick look – Using light-weight panels

Installing faux brick in order to make your home look sturdier and earthier appearance than it already is can be very easy with these sheets. All you would have to do is to use the right adhesive when installing faux brick panels to any solid and sturdy surface in your property.

full and messy brick
full and messy brick

Unlike other brick types like the full or thin brick veneer, light-weight panels only need some adhesive and screws.

There is no need to learn how to draw and paint brick patterns with stencils or get involved with messy mortar and thin sets.

painting brick patterns
Another way to create a faux brick look is with steincils

The majority of people using faux brick panels complete the job on their own over a weekend.

When choosing a rustic, modern or Chicago Red look, take a few minutes to choose sample, you will love the finished, realistic and affordable look.