Quick Installation Of Faux Stone Panels – DIY Stone.

Quick Installation Of Faux Stone Panels – DIY Stone.

If you own or rent a home you have probably experienced the stress involved with dealing with contractors. Some tenants try to build a decorative stone wall on their own because they cannot justify the cost of hiring a contractor when they do not own the unit. This usually adds to the overall frustration of the homeowner or tenant.

Stress related to real stone installation
Stress related to real stone installation

The DIY option is rapidly growing thanks to the fact that natural stone is not the only solution available when we need to create a stone wall. When using products faux stone panels or even cast stone the entire project becomes quite simple AND more affordable overall.

So, let’s safely assume that the average homeowner does not want to deal with mixing cements, cut and fit stone by stone or even brick, and even less worry about grouts between each block.

How real stone is installed
How real stone is installed

Materials like cultured stone or faux stone panels have been developed with the average “Joe” in mind. Who can’t use adhesives and screws in this DIY age?
That’s right; this is all you need to install faux stone panels. Let’s take a look at the steps required to install them.

Precautions – Keep in mind that you will need to use some carpentry tools. If you are not familiar with these tools please use caution.Tools Required:

  • Protection goggles
  • Circular saw or any saw available
  • Screws or nails and a tool to drive them
  • Some building glues for the panels
  • If installing outdoor, make sure to use galvanized screws

Preparing the walls:

  • Unlike real stone or the cultured type these fake panels do not need a concrete board or metal wiring. You can glue and nail the panels in place.
  • Make sure you have a solid surface on which to affix the faux stone panels. This can be drywall, concrete or even directly on the wood framing.

How to use the panels:

Stone 1
Stone 1
Stone 2
Stone 2
Stone 3
Stone 3


Most faux stone panels are designed and developed to remove most of the work from the users’ hands. These panels slide into with each other with the help of the interlocking edges that create a nice uniform look. In order to achieve this you will need to follow a straight line along which you can install the parts.

  • Start by laying your panels on the floor and see how many you need per row.
  • You will need to complete the first row before going to the next
  • Remove the joints on one side of the first panel and start your installation in the opposite direction.
  • Apply the glue in the rear, flat part of the panels and on the lips that will hold the next piece.
  • Secure the panel with some screws in the middle, by trying to hide them below the stones.
  • After the next panel is applied you can then drive the fasteners where the lips are.
  • When cutting a piece, you will need to mark and cut from the back side to avoid scratching the front surface and avoid “chipping”.
  • The ideal tool is the table saw but most tenants will not have one. In this case a skill saw will work just fine.
  • At the corners you can use pre made parts that blend into the panels perfectly to make the process even easier.

The manufacturers recommend not using caulking on the joint since the product is designed to interlock without visible gaps. Make sure to always follow an initial straight line.

As you can see, stone walls can be now created without real stone or contractor. Enjoy!

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