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Five Reasons To Use Fake over Real Brick.

People have been finding out that faux stone is better! Many homeowners or business owners have been using faux stone instead of real stone for their home and business renovations! See why you should too!

Imitation Vs Real
Cut Faux Stone Polyurethane
  1. Desirable Installation Perks: Faux Stone Panels are lightweight and easy to install. With simple woodworking tools, you can make virtually any adjustments by simply cutting it to the desired shape and dimensions. With adhesive and screws you have the look of days worth of work in a few hours and with lower labor costs if you do the project yourself.
  2. Get that Consistent Look: For a pattern with no variation in the grout lines the Faux Stone panels are a great choice! Faux Stone brick typically comes in panels that interlock together and give you a consistent and unified look despite the various persons and time frames that go into working on your project.
  3. Minimal Maintenance Needs: Faux Stone does not stain easily, there is no grout deterioration to deal with and no chipping away at the crumbling layers of aging stones. Even better, you can find these panels UV and water resistant and can even keep color lasting longer.
  4. Look of Real Stone: Faux Stone panels are made out of moldings that are created with the use of real stone. The molding creates a very real shape and texture taken from the actual stone which leaves the panel looking and feeling as realistic as the real thing.
  5. Affordable: The manufacturing process and material of the product allows Faux Stone to be much more affordable than real stone, yet with more advantages, including the savings on labor to install the products. Installation of these products are so simple that the cost of installation is reduced significantly.

Overall, Faux Stone is more affordable as well as convenient without putting a hole in your pockets for the look that you want.


Cheap Renovation Ideas

It is not difficult to find the old houses in a neighborhood because they stick out like a sore thumb. If the front yard has an old mailbox or chipped paint those are telltale signs of an old house in desperate need of a renovation. It is very important that people focus on the fixing the front of their house before anything else if they want to increase the resale value.

Home Renovation Drawings
Home Renovation Drawings

Finding ways to spruce up the home is difficult because of many different factors. The main obstacle people face when remodeling is usually related to budget.

The second most common factor is time. After those two main obstacles there are more unique reasons why homeowners can’t renovate which will be discussed in further articles.

The financial hurdle is a common problem people face when they want to remodel. There are many ways around that because of different products that were designed to make the remodeling process easier and cheaper.

It is important to remember that the highest expense during a project is the labor. Labor costs are higher when skilled labor is needed which is the case for masonry projects. That expense drives up the bill which brings in another detrimental obstacle; time.

Home renovation before picture
Home renovation before picture

When a project goes over the deadline it can become fatal. Over time means over budget which can stop a project dead in its track whether it is an addition to a house or a tall skyscraper. This can leave homes looking like this picture for months.

Finishing renovations in a short amount of time enables many people to have the freedom to fix their home without losing it to creditors.

So the best way to save money on renovation projects is by simply doing as much of the work yourself as you can. Doing it yourself also gives you more quality control. With the wealth of information on the internet, it is easier than ever to find out ways of fixing up the home yourself.

With Youtube among other resources people can find thousands of different helpful videos. Plus there is a long list of different websites aimed at informing people of home improvement tips. Find the help you need to finish your project within yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There is no price tag on getting the home of your dreams with your own two hands. It is essential to keep in mind the amount of labor the stone panels can save because it is expensive to have a crew of people working in your home.

Home Renovation After
Home Renovation After


Using Cheap Faux Stone Turns Average Homeowners Into Pros.

Cheap faux imitation panels for fireplaces

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Because of the way the economy is today not every homeowner can afford to hire a contractor to remodel a fireplace with stone. These type of projects usually require a moderate or high level of expertise in the masonry area. A typical project can run up to thousands of dollars for just a few square feet of installed stone And it’s not necessarily going to look as rich and real as this detail:

Great imitation stone closeup
Great imitation stone closeup

Often times, an expensive bill can deliver an OK result. We are so used to natural stone that looking into new products can seem a scary path. In most cases this is due to the fact that most homeowners do not have experience with stone veneer panels and have not seen what imitation stone can do. Luckily for them there are sites that show how these types of cheap stone and brick can deliver outstanding results with a low budget.

Example of imitation faux boards of stone applied to a fireplace remodeling
Example of imitation faux boards of stone applied to a fireplace remodeling

This homeowner was able to quickly remodel his fireplace without having to learn to be a mason. Just your typical woodworking tools, those found in any household can deliver such stunning result. There a style and color for anyone, so explore the possibility to renovate your home in a few hours.