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Few hours for a dream to come true: Stacked stone panels

If you want to give a personal touch to your house during the creative remodeling project of your house or working place, you should take a look at this picture.

Have you never thought of getting a table made by rock like this? Or a wall in the house made by stone? Sometimes we feel like a move out or changing house is they way to go when a change is needed. But it could be much simpler than that. If you consider a redesign scheme for your house, garden, work place, and you like what you see above, the you should consider approaching FauxStoneDepot.com. FauxStoneDepot.com offers you a wide range of realistic stacked stone products  that would meet your needs when it gets to remodeling a surface! This type of stone are very flexible and can be applied on any type of surface, even curved ones. Panels are easy to cut and so you can meticulously cover corners and tough surfaces.This convenient way of treating a project would bring into your house a beautiful change without needing of hiring a company that does the work for you. Faux Stone Depot stacked stone items are easy to install, clean and very affordable.

The remodeling project can be done in few hours and in only few hours you can get the house that you always dreamed of!

Cozy and relaxing with river rock panels

Living in front of the ocean, or going on vacation and stay right by the bay. Sitting outside, looking at the stars with great company of family and friends.

Our client decided to add some more to all of that: She wanted to go for a sophisticated look yet convenient and realistic .She  decided to incorporate  stone in the wood. Stone and wood, cozy and relaxing. Of course, she didn’t want the cost to be too high and also she did not want to hire a carpenter. So working with Antico Elements imitation of stone wall panels was the way to go.

Our choice of faux river panels gave a refreshing look to the wood house. Faux river rock panels have the beauty and the coziness of real stone but without the stress of having to install them. Our client in fact installed them herself using only a jigsaw and a screw gun to complete her project.

Antico Elements philosophy is to guarantee a high quality product that yet is convenient and that meets the client’s expectations. Customer service is always happy to help with any questions and doubt you might have.