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Seeing Is Believing

Some of the best products or services in the market do not need any advertisements because they sell themselves. Once potential customers see it they believe it is a great innovation or invention. Offering free samples of a product is a great way to show potential customers that companies stand behind their product. In the design and home improvement industry it is highly important to show samples because people love to see what they are buying before they buy it..

Free Samples After Rebate

The same reason car companies want people to test drive their cars is the same reason we offer product free samples because we know customers will appreciate the high quality and attention to detail that we put into each architectural element we make. This product has become an important piece of the market that cannot be ignored by the home improvement industry.

Many people are skeptical of using imitation stone panels because they feel like the panels look “fake” or don’t add depth to their home or business. The truth is, everyone who uses the panels loves the outcome. Everyone from contractors to do it yourself homeowners is extremely pleased with the ease of installation and great look the panels provide. The product looks incredibly realistic and surprises everyone when they realize it isn’t real stone.

Great example of stone wall
Great example of stone wall

“Seeing is believing” which is the reason we offer samples for our panels and architectural elements. We believe that people deserve the highest quality product for the lowest price. Anybody should have the financial ability to beautify their home and save time doing it. The best feeling is when somebody can look at their home and say “I built this”. Supermarkets love to offer samples of food because they know once people taste the quality, they will become customers which is why we offer free samples with a rebate voucher. When you have a great product it sells itself.

Redesigning Made Easy

Faux Stone Interior
Faux Stone Interior

Most people are daunted with the task of renovating their bathroom or kitchen because of the construction time and the cost. Imagine if there was a product that enabled to do a month’s worth of work in one day. Now imagine if that long clean-up process changed from hours to minutes. Now the once seemingly daunting mountain of a task turns into a simple day project. So do not fear when you look at your old bathrooms and kitchens or anywhere you want to remodel because there is an answer to all your problems and concerns. The answer lies in faux stone or brick.

Many designers have used this product to extend the reach of their creativity so why can’t homeowners have the same fun. The bathrooms and kitchens are the most heavily trafficked areas in the home. The designs of those areas reflect the personality of the homeowner.

So it is important to take the design choices into your own hands. Once you have visualized what style or mood you want for the room you are working on take a picture. Use that picture as a before picture and then take one after to show you the drastic difference. Faux Stone is waterproof so it could be applied in a bathroom with no problem and no damage.

Learning to use imitation stone is simple and fun. Faux stone is made for regular people to use and install. Plus there are hundreds of how to and help articles all over the internet. In the articles you will see the endless ways this material can be applied. There are so many different applications that you even find new ideas as you peruse these sites.

This product can be applied to flat and curved surfaces. This flexibility helps give room to the creativity of the project making the homeowner. With natural stone the heavy weight and character of the stones make it extremely difficult and time consuming to do. The kitchen and bathroom have many curves and corners.

Faux Rock Pool
Faux Rock Pool


Between a tub or a kitchen table and cabinets it would be a nightmare to fit the stone to fit the room.  The time and effort it would take to remodel you kitchen or bathroom with any stone is the reason most people don’t do it.

With the advent of this product you can renovate and remodel both rooms in as little as one day. Now this is the difference maker not only can you renovate and revolutionize your home, but you can do it in one day. The durable and waterproof material of polyurethane enables you to put it in any position in any room. Just look again and imagine what you want to change.

Make your boring bathroom into relaxing oasis in one day. This simple to use product can easily give you the modern and sophisticated look you are searching for or you can go with a rustic look and feel. The possibilities are endless the main point is that faux stone saves the homeowner money and time. Plus it helps add value to your home without costing an arm and a leg. So do not fear your next home improvement project because now it is possible even with out being an experienced contractor or handyman.


Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible with faux stone wall panels.

Make your home comfortable and attractive for your living in it, keep objects that remind you of good memories in your childhood, a mindset we all look for.

Make your house a place where you can embrace calm and good positive energy, where you can sit down and be with yourself. Faux Stone Depot wants you to make the right choice when it gets to remodeling a new space.

Attractive area with stone accents
Attractive area with stone accents

Using affordable fake stone wall not only will give your house an attractive and charm look but also it will give you the beauty and comfort of real stone without actually having to worry about all of the issues that comes when installing real rock.

Faux Stone Depot offers realistic products that everyone can afford and also always has special offers and discounts in the product itself and in the shipping. (the company heavily negotiates shipping rates and passes the savings to the customers ).


A stacked stone panel
A stacked stone panel

It is flattering knowing that you have the possibility of making your house a new place where your children will have memories one day, moments that will make your life better if the decoration reflects who you are.
With the aid of stone in a convenient panel configuration it is really possible to create projects with very little carpentry skills.