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Using Faux Stone For All Parts Of Your Fireplace.

Designing a faux stone fireplace can require a tremendous amount of manual work, intensive material research and the advice of decorating professionals. Many of us tend to focus on the final aspect of building a stone fireplace, the part where everyone sits down and enjoys the warmth and the focal point of the home.

Stone Fireplace
Stone Fireplace

Getting to this point though, can be a bit of a challenge.

Whether you are remodeling an old fireplace or want to transform your old brick face into a nice, fresh and rich faux stone look you need to consider a few important things:

  1. Not every faux stone can be installed on all surfaces
  2. Often you need to purchase the different materials from a long list of suppliers
  3. If you decide to save money and install the faux stone on your own there are a few things to know
  4. Consider that some foe stone materials are very heavy and some are lightweight

The main areas of the fireplace are the stone façade and the mantle.

When using materials other than light-weight faux stone resin you will need to take extra steps just to prepare the surface before you can begin installing the stone. These steps are not necessary when employing Faux Stone Depot’s sheets

You can not only choose the important parts from the same source but the installation steps of them can be an easy project to anyone.

Faux Stone Depot Stone Sheets For The Facade
Faux Stone Depot Stone Sheets For The Facade

The façade can use different type of faux stone in convenient sheets of stacked stone or ledge stone and even river rock, which can be cut to size and quickly glued and screwed in place.

The other part of a faux stone fireplace which plays a major role in the design is the faux stone mantle.

Firepalce Stone Surround
Firepalce Stone Surround

Some stone mantle are made of a solid and very heavy piece of cast material or just real stone which are very hard to cut to size and hang. With Faux Stone Depot you are able to choose a light-weight hollow profile that can be cut to size and easily installed. You can find it in coral and travertinve, with different styles and sized to fit any design. These can also be used as a surround.

Take your time to research and pick the best alternative for your faux stone project.