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Five Reasons To Use Fake over Real Brick.

People have been finding out that faux stone is better! Many homeowners or business owners have been using faux stone instead of real stone for their home and business renovations! See why you should too!

Imitation Vs Real
Cut Faux Stone Polyurethane
  1. Desirable Installation Perks: Faux Stone Panels are lightweight and easy to install. With simple woodworking tools, you can make virtually any adjustments by simply cutting it to the desired shape and dimensions. With adhesive and screws you have the look of days worth of work in a few hours and with lower labor costs if you do the project yourself.
  2. Get that Consistent Look: For a pattern with no variation in the grout lines the Faux Stone panels are a great choice! Faux Stone brick typically comes in panels that interlock together and give you a consistent and unified look despite the various persons and time frames that go into working on your project.
  3. Minimal Maintenance Needs: Faux Stone does not stain easily, there is no grout deterioration to deal with and no chipping away at the crumbling layers of aging stones. Even better, you can find these panels UV and water resistant and can even keep color lasting longer.
  4. Look of Real Stone: Faux Stone panels are made out of moldings that are created with the use of real stone. The molding creates a very real shape and texture taken from the actual stone which leaves the panel looking and feeling as realistic as the real thing.
  5. Affordable: The manufacturing process and material of the product allows Faux Stone to be much more affordable than real stone, yet with more advantages, including the savings on labor to install the products. Installation of these products are so simple that the cost of installation is reduced significantly.

Overall, Faux Stone is more affordable as well as convenient without putting a hole in your pockets for the look that you want.


Accent Walls – Work Of Arts!

Painting is a great way to update a room with a great amount of impact. To add visual interest to a dull room, try just painting one wall a different color entirely.

Choosing A Wall

Grey Ledgestone Backsplash
Grey Ledgestone Backsplash

First things first, pick the wall that will be the focal point of the room that you’re thinking of perking up!  Great focal points are often fireplaces, a large window, or behind a bed’s headboard.  Becoming visually dramatic, an accent wall will change the mood as soon as you walk into your home.  It’s not only the latest trend, but it also allows you to give your home a mini-make over, if you’re on a budget or short on time.

Finally choosing just the right color for your work of art!

Picking colors can be fun and an artistic expression that highlights your personality. You have to take into account all of your surroundings whether it’s an interior space or an exterior space. How the light interacts with the primary surface and the secondary surfaces plays an important role, as well as, architectural features.

Make sure to apply a primer before you paint a light color over a dark color, or want to cover up a semi-gloss or gloss finish. It helps the paint to adhere and smooth out the surface to be painted. The only time you may not need to prime is if you’re painting a darker color over a matte white wall.

Neutral furniture colors
Neutral furniture colors

Choose a subtle color scheme. To make the room feel more spacious, stick with white, off-white, or very light greens, blues, or yellows for the walls. Dark colored walls, like blue or red will only make the room seem smaller and stuffier.

Use neutral colors like beige, gray, or brown for furniture, using accent pieces like throw pillows, throw blankets, accent chairs, or pieces of artwork adds color. This way, you can add color without creating a cluttered look.

It’s an inexpensive do-it-yourself project that will heighten the visual interest of your living space.

Fireplace Remodeling Without The Hassle

The fireplace is one of the hardest areas to remodel. Finding a product that speeds up the process is essential to getting a great professional project. Using imitation stone can give you the best look at the best price. You save on installation and labor costs and you can make your home look great.

Perfect Fake Stone Fireplace
Perfect Fake Stone Fireplace

Every stone project requires a long time to complete. The best way to avoid a long construction period is by utilizing faux stone walls to create that great stone look in a tenth of the time.

If the fireplace looks blank and boring and it is in dire need of remodeling, then don’t fear a long construction process.

With the following information you will learn how to avoid expensive contractors and tedious masonry labor.

  • First we have to start with the surface. If your fireplace already has brick or stone facing on, it’s no problem. All you have to do to cover it is by using some sheets of plywood that can be screwed onto using masonry screws. This way homeowners can avoid taking off the actual stone facing without an expensive and messy tear down process.
  • Once a flat surface has been created around the perimeter of the fireplace then it is time to take the dimensions. Write down as many dimensions with the tape measure as you can in order to get the most accurate estimate of how many panels you will need to use.
  • Most projects will require cuts to panels. Find a place outside that is easy to clean so when the dust from cutting the panels falls on the project area it can be easily dispersed or swept up. Cutting them on grass is great since it only takes a quick shower from a hose to wash away the dust without any trouble. It is important to remember to cut as you go so that you don’t make any mistakes.

    Mitered Faux Stone Panels
    Mitered Faux Stone Panels
  • Here comes the fun part of applying the actual panels to the project site. When you are putting them on the surface hold the panel in its place for about a minute or two with your full weight to secure the panel onto the substrate. Drive some screws into it.

    Adhering Panels
    Adhering Panels

Once you are done use your touch up kit to paint any spots that may require it. Now you have a new fireplace.

Remodeling the fireplace makes a big difference and adds value to the house.

Creating a unique fireplace means making the best possible product without taking a long time. Finishing that long project in less than a day is worth it because it makes the renovation process a lot easier.

Using Real Stone Equals Real Problems

Stone may look great but the alternatives have made the antiquated method of laying natural stone obsolete. Take a look at the large heavy blocks in the picture below and try to imagine how long and tiring it must be to build a wall. Why would anybody use this old method when they could finish the project in a fraction of the time and cost?

Laying Heavy Stone
Laying Heavy Stone

Real stone has many setbacks that can turn a simple building project into a nightmare. The hardest part of starting a building or renovation project is the budgeting process.

Many factors must be projected and calculated to perfection. When using conventional masonry calculating for maintenance must also be a factor into the budget plan or else a nasty surprises could occur that will sink the whole project. Making sure this doesn’t happen should be a number one priority.

Frustrated Contractor
Frustrated Contractor

Investors look at the bottom line for the immediate project, but do not consider certain problems that may arise in the future because they are focused on the present revenue. Many people have the natural tendency to look at the face value of things without evaluating the true cost. A great way to avoid this would be to consult the online masonry guide. Any research will prove that faux stone is the best way to get the stone look without all the headaches. Most people forget about repair or maintenance costs when they are doing a project this oversight can sink a picture.

Homeowners also get trapped in this budgeting oversight. Failing to account for loose bricks or mislaid stones that fall off equals a serious repair cost that doesn’t happen with faux stone. These problems will turn a professional looking project into a disaster zone. Masonry maintenance is very expensive because it requires a mason to come out on site with an expensive wet saw and other materials. In addition, humid climates can create a lot of moisture which can cause serious damage if there is not a proper drainage system by the substrate.

Hard Stone Project
Hard Stone Project

Stone is not only heavy and hard to install but dangerous. There have been serious incidents where joints inside the interior wall have deteriorated due to a lack of drainage for moisture which led to the overall collapse of the wall system.

Even larger buildings like universities and apartments have all experienced this problem at one time or another. This is a serious issue with masonry which is very expensive to fix.

Thankfully, imitation stone panels have avoided this problem by combining a cladding system that is also waterproof and dissolves the need to create a flashing system. Once the panels are adhered to the surface the builder can caulk the sides of the panels to make sure they are water proof and it is done. People have even created retainer walls and fences with this product.

Faux Stone Fence
Faux Stone Fence

The weight of the panels does not pose a problem.  to the surface When they are being applied to because they are so light they do not need any lateral support beams.

Moisture poses no problem to the panels because they create a closed cell structure when they are hardened.

After the home is sealed with any form of licensed waterproof barrier(consult building code for your state because they may differ) then you can simply apply the panels and the project is finished in no time. Faux Stone Veneer is the perfect solution to the drawbacks and problems of using real stone.


How to Cut Faux Stone Properly

Tips on Cutting Faux Stone Panels Correctly

Faux stone is one of the most versatile products to hit the home improvement market. In this article we will discuss how to properly cut faux stone. Cutting faux stone is simple and easy to do. The polyurethane is durable yet light enough to allow for an easy cut with any saw. The recommended saw for this product is the table saw. It ensures the straightest and highest quality cut. If you look in your garage and your toolbox and do not find one do not worry you will still be able to use any other kind of saw such as a jigsaw or circular saw in order to finish your product.

The main thing you should be focused on while doing your project is the proper preparation in order to secure the panels into place and to ensure the correct measurements for your needs. Do not fret because installing faux stone only takes minutes. The amazing difference is jaw dropping and highly gratifying once you see your redesigned porch and realized that you did yourself or got somebody to do it at a fraction of the cost of real stone. Take a look:

Avoiding Problems

Deciding On Right Approach
Correct Preparation Saves time.

Some problems that arise while cutting is dealing with pipes or fixtures that they want to panel around which highlights the beauty of faux stone which is simply that you can cut anywhere to fit your needs. After you receive a panel you simply face it where you want and draw out the line where you need to cut in order to fit the piping. If you run into any problems such as having too much or little of a panel the large assortment of finished edges will fit to your needs thereby giving you the customized look and professional finished result when you are done with your project.

Indeed, if the surface you are looking to cover has windows and other fixtures a simple calculation can be done in order to ensure you get the right amount of material. Essentially, all you have to do is calculate the area of the windows or doors but the best way to do the calculations is to let support staff and customer service. Multiply length by width of the window or door then subtract that amount by the whole area of the wall. The answer you will have is the square feet of area you need to cover.

After Faux Stone Siding Is Installed
After Faux Stone Siding Is Installed

Once you have established the exact area you need to cover draw out where the panels will go. Then apply how many you will need according to your design. Triple check your measurements and then confirm with the actual panels where you want them to go. Make sure to do the cutting as you go. Do not start cutting right away or else you will not be able to keep a continuous flow of pattern. The goal is to stack the panels properly cutting off the edges in order to place them in a pattern. The edge that you cut off goes onto the level right above it and interlocks them into place that is why it is important to do your cutting as you go along.

A great place to find a picture step guide is by searching Google or Youtube for how to install faux products.  So keep your saw and marker handy. Always, use your tape measure in order to ensure you are cutting off the right pieces. In order to ensure a professional look make sure edges are cut straight. Be safe and have fun with your next home transformation project.

The Essentials of Home Improvement Made Easy

Don’t let this happen to you.

Has this ever looked like you ? Improving any home takes time and consideration but it also takes a little research on what material to use. There are many ways to skin a cat my grandpa always used to say, but the truth is there is only one right way. When considering any project knowing the right material for the job is key, so don’t limit yourself. Free your mind with the application of imitation stone or brick guaranteed to immediately give it a drastically unique look and feel. If you have never seen it think again.

Frustrated Faux Brick Painting method
Frustrated Faux Brick Painting method

After its inception a couple years ago many designers, business owners and home owners have applied it in a variety of ways. Look around at the bricks or stone in the next restaurant you visit because those bricks are most likely imitation because business owners love to use it since it is easier to install and less time consuming. Home improvement is a large industry because of the two main drivers of that market which is housing upkeep and new housing developments.

House Under Renovation
House Under Renovation

The main problems to answer when thinking about home improvement is the question of how much money and time can you spend. The need for a cheap alternative and short term fix for your project is essential. If you don’t have all the time in the world like most people. In order to answer that problem ask and check the internet for example kitchen or bathroom remodeling forums. Anybody can see the stress and time it takes to finish any of these projects using conventional methods.

House before Renovation
House before Renovation – Photo credit: batchelorsupply dot com

It is hard to deal with a renovation because of the time and cost when the project is using the wrong material. Most of the heartache brought on by these long projects is because they were using the wrong design philosophy. Never sacrifice what you want due to the limitations and expense of the material.

Home improvement is about getting everything you want and improving the value of your house at the same time. Fight the urge to think inside the box because once anybody thinks outside the box more possibilities will arise for your project.  This is why the the success of imitation stone products is so widespread because people everywhere are realizing its vast possibilities.

The essentials in home improvement obviously require using common sense, which dictates that you should use the best product in order to guarantee the professional look that you want for your project. Staying within budget is also a huge part of making sure the project goes according to plan.

In order to secure a great low price and easy to use material trying faux stone will greatly accelerate your project by shortening the time of installation. Do not excite yourself by over thinking. All the steps and installation process can be done by anyone. This is why the home improvement industry has adopted this product so extensively. The success of faux stone or brick has showed people around the world that it is possible to remodel your home at a greatly reduced price and time. Check out some samples or pictures here. So take your time be creative and have fun planning your new home improvement project.

New Trends In Interior & Exterior Design

The conversation among designers in the furniture, architecture, and interior/exterior design have all recognized and felt the change in their industry.

Faux Stone Bar Photo
Faux Stone Bar Photo

Perhaps due to a rough economy people have started to shrink their style by switching from expensive loud designs to more rustic utilitarian styles. In this day and age less is more and many industries have recognized this. In some of the most beautiful hotels on south beach or resorts around the world have switched from elaborate designs to more rustic elements with subtle hints of color. Most urban hotels embrace the modern utilitarian style which has been thoroughly enhanced with the use of polyurethane products. For example, designers like Saccarro furniture inc., as well as others, have thoroughly embraced the use of faux stone or brick to create that rustic texture without sacrificing the utilitarian style.

Almond stone panels
Almond stone panels

Hotels are a great way to reflect the direction interior and exterior design. With the bounce back of the economy a new generation of designers and builders has come to light. Various buildings are being built around the world that reflects the change in style towards a modern, sleek yet utilitarian style. These elements have been enhanced and complemented by the use of imitation stone or brick. Designers have started to apply this product to their designs to bring that rustic look to life in their projects.

The Ultimate Aid in Interior and Exterior Design.

Faux Stone Revolutionizing The Way We Build

Faux stone has been in the home improvement market for about ten years. Since then it has substantially increased in sales due to the fact that is the ultimate medium for decorating interior and exterior sections of your house without sacrificing time and labor cost. For any room in any size and shape this product can be applied.

Shower with faux stone
Shower with faux stone

Some of the most amazing applications including the use of faux stone in a shower, yes even in a shower. In this example we can see how it revolutionized the shower experience.There are no ends to it application. Another great interior example is the use of it on a ceiling. Some clients have successfully used it on ceilings making the room into a luxurious escape from the stress of the world.This gives the occupant of the room the feeling that they are in a beautiful earthy cabin with stone walls and a stone ceiling. This product enables you to transform a dead and tired master bedroom into a luxurious oasis from the stress of the day.

Perfect Fake Stone Fireplace
Perfect Fake Stone Fireplace

To the left of the text is a great picture of the different uses of faux stone to revitalize a boring looking bar into a luxurious cozy place to relax and socialize. A great example of the variety of interior uses was the application to a bar. The homeowner was tired of looking at a plain unappealing bar for his den. The bar itself was a curved surface with the span of ten feet. This product can be slightly molded and bent in order to fit the curve of the bar which goes to show how flexible and versatile this product is. The homeowner was incredibly pleased with himself now boasting he had built his own beautiful bar. The faux stone gave not only gave it a modern look but also was easy to install. Interior design was revolutionized with this product. Interior designers or set designers can easily use and reuse faux stone to transform any room or set.

Some of the biggest projects are done on the exterior of the house. These projects help make the home unique and more pleasing to the eyes. Sometimes people hide chipped paint or faded areas of the house with faux stone giving it a durable and long lasting clean fresh look. Many people love the versatility of faux stone and the value and depth it adds to any home. From mobile home skirting to column wrapping just about anything on the exterior can be reshaped and transformed with the use of faux stone. With simple measurements a couple simple tools anybody can change their house into a home. The difference is the unique customization of the house thereby making it your unique home. So if you were thinking of renovating or simply adding value to your home faux stone provides the easiest, fastest, and best way to do that while saving money.

Finding New Readers for Your Blog – Important Things to Understand

If you’ve spent any time blogging in the home remodeling field, you understand how important it is to attract new readers to your blog on a regular basis. When you’ve got more and more readers joining in and giving you the needed leverage, you’ll find that blogging will become more enjoyable and you won’t really have to search a lot for the needed motivation. If you would like to learn a few things that you can do to help yourself get more blog readers without adversely effecting your brand, keep reading.

Commenting on related blogs is one method that is vastly underestimated by most bloggers because it is time consuming and is seen as a slower way to get traffic flowing to your blog. When you want to find new readers who will stick around, though, the best place to get them is on related blogs. Leaving smart and relevant comments on blogs in your niche is a great way of attracting the sorts of people who regularly read comments sections. Leaving comments behind will offer you the chance to show readers what kind of quality content you offer and that should offer incentive to other readers to check out your blog and, hopefully, subscribe to it.

Not many bloggers seriously look at their blog as a business or something they should earn a profit from, which is why you notice them being lenient in their approach. Many use them to learn how to instgall stone, brick, furniture etc. However, if you are better than those other bloggers, you need to take a step ahead and actively promote your blog on the other blogs that relate to yours or the websites that are in your same niche. This will offer you the needed leverage and exposure that you have been looking for that will help you get more readers for your blog. However, make sure that you target the right kinds of sites for your ads; the sites should relate to yours and have good quality traffic.

You should also try to connect with your fellow local bloggers because it will help you gain more visitors both through your networking efforts and through joint ventures you both run. It’s good to actually meet with these bloggers to see if there aren’t projects you can work on together, trade ideas back and forth, etc. This clears the path to gain higher quality visitors to your blog so that you’ll have more and more chances to turn people into loyal readers. Even though this tactic doesn’t sound too appealing, when you actually put it into practice, you’ll find that it can take you a long way. Creating long term and sustainable success for your blog, no matter which niche you want to target, depends on your ability to create blog posts that matter and offer good and regular value to your readers. When you take all of the necessary steps to increase new visitors to your blog you aren’t just building traffic, you’re building your brand. The more focus you place on carving out space online for your blog and putting targeted effort into increasing your new reader flow, you’ll be able to create a more vibrant world that attracts new readers.

Kitchen Backsplash Options

A kitchen backsplash can add an intimate feeling to an ordinary kitchen layout. Most homeowners seek to revitalize the kitchen area because it is the area that people spend most of the time in whether cooking, cleaning, or just hanging out.  A great product that is cost effective that people are using nowadays are faux stone panels because they are very lightweight and easy to install. Labor costs are very low when working with this product. Installation can be done with the use of construction adhesives and dry wall screws. There are a great variety of designs and colors to choose. There are no preparations that need to be made such as mixing, drying, or any type of mess like paints may cause. There is no need to worry about grease stains from food particles damaging the panels; they can be cleaned easily with a damp warm rag and mild soap. There is little to no maintenance that needs to be done when it comes to cleaning faux stone panels.

The panels can be installed and uninstalled very quickly to change with the seasons or themes from rural country side look to an English modernized look; faux stones seamlessly blend in everywhere. With a faux stone backsplash, you get the toughness of very real stone with the lightweight of polyurethane.