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Five Reasons To Use Fake over Real Brick.

People have been finding out that faux stone is better! Many homeowners or business owners have been using faux stone instead of real stone for their home and business renovations! See why you should too!

Imitation Vs Real
Cut Faux Stone Polyurethane
  1. Desirable Installation Perks: Faux Stone Panels are lightweight and easy to install. With simple woodworking tools, you can make virtually any adjustments by simply cutting it to the desired shape and dimensions. With adhesive and screws you have the look of days worth of work in a few hours and with lower labor costs if you do the project yourself.
  2. Get that Consistent Look: For a pattern with no variation in the grout lines the Faux Stone panels are a great choice! Faux Stone brick typically comes in panels that interlock together and give you a consistent and unified look despite the various persons and time frames that go into working on your project.
  3. Minimal Maintenance Needs: Faux Stone does not stain easily, there is no grout deterioration to deal with and no chipping away at the crumbling layers of aging stones. Even better, you can find these panels UV and water resistant and can even keep color lasting longer.
  4. Look of Real Stone: Faux Stone panels are made out of moldings that are created with the use of real stone. The molding creates a very real shape and texture taken from the actual stone which leaves the panel looking and feeling as realistic as the real thing.
  5. Affordable: The manufacturing process and material of the product allows Faux Stone to be much more affordable than real stone, yet with more advantages, including the savings on labor to install the products. Installation of these products are so simple that the cost of installation is reduced significantly.

Overall, Faux Stone is more affordable as well as convenient without putting a hole in your pockets for the look that you want.


Set Designers Find Big Help In Polyurethane Products

Set designers are always on a time crunch so it is extremely important to use stone products that speed up the process but look great at the same time.

They are always looking for ways to save money and time. Using a product that continually achieves both tasks is hard to find.

Movie Set
Movie Set

Polyurethane panels can help set designers build the facade of a stone house or castle in hours instead of months.

This product has been a great tool in the movie industry as well because it adds depth to the different scenes by making the sets seem more realistic.

Any set and trade show booth designer can agree after they see the process through. From beginning to end the faux stone panels help make the project look realistic but it also saves them time. Filming on site, whether it is a bank in Manhattan or a house in the suburbs, is quite expensive because of the price involved with renting out the space for a movie shoot.

Polyurethane Gives Movie Sets More BANG For Their Buck

Movie Set
Movie Set

That is why it is so important to use faux stone and other polyurethane architectural elements such as mantles for fireplaces and limestone style balusters because they not only create great looking sets but they speed up the construction process to a fraction of the time.

Durability is also a big issue when designing these sets because the chaotic process involved with the construction of a set can be quite hectic. The strength of the polyurethane panels and architectural elements is another great advantage of using these panels which what makes them perfect for set design.

Cozy and relaxing with river rock panels

Living in front of the ocean, or going on vacation and stay right by the bay. Sitting outside, looking at the stars with great company of family and friends.

Our client decided to add some more to all of that: She wanted to go for a sophisticated look yet convenient and realistic .She  decided to incorporate  stone in the wood. Stone and wood, cozy and relaxing. Of course, she didn’t want the cost to be too high and also she did not want to hire a carpenter. So working with Antico Elements imitation of stone wall panels was the way to go.

Our choice of faux river panels gave a refreshing look to the wood house. Faux river rock panels have the beauty and the coziness of real stone but without the stress of having to install them. Our client in fact installed them herself using only a jigsaw and a screw gun to complete her project.

Antico Elements philosophy is to guarantee a high quality product that yet is convenient and that meets the client’s expectations. Customer service is always happy to help with any questions and doubt you might have.