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Why Retail Stores Need Imitation Brick

Creating an attractive and inviting look is essential to the success of any retail outlet. Many stores utilize different designs to create the best possible look for their businesses. Using unique approaches can help maintain a special presence, which helps customers feel better about shopping in their store.

Modern Brick Design For Retail Store
Modern Brick Design For Retail Store

Popular retailers use different designs to test their clientele’s response. Creating an attractive and inviting look is essential to the success of any retail outlet.

Using unique approaches can help maintain a special presence which helps customers feel better about shopping in their store. Clothing stores use special colors or designs to establish their brand of clothing or product. This brand is the first way people become acquainted with their product which is why it is so important to make a good impression. Creating a memorable design helps attract more business.

The ideas stated above outline the reasons for many retail outlets to use brick or stone in their designs for displays. Rugged sports shops like to show off a rugged outdoorsy look for their displays. Urban clothing stores like to create urban designs for their customers to help create the brand. Now they can easily create that look without the large expense of using traditional methods which can also take a very long time.

Each color and texture adds an effect to the display making the clients enjoy the style of the brand. This helps separate that store from the pack and increase business for them. Using natural brick design is costly and too time consuming to reproduce that look in different locations. Try painting different colors or use elaborate lighting and displays to catch attention. This is a big mistake because with the faux brick panels store designers can avoid the large cost of using traditional methods and open up earlier. Now designers can create a hip new store that attracts consumers and establishes the brand at the same time.

Renovating or building a store is very expensive if they are using the old methods of construction. The old methods of construction include using old brick laying techniques for veneer projects. If store owners decided to create the brick look for their store they would have to pay a mason and a contractor a ton of money for their time, specialized tools, and knowledge. This can force most stores to drop that idea from their budget and create a boring blank store with no unique qualities.

Old fashioned Brick Laying
Old fashioned Brick Laying

Fortunately, retail stores across the world they can now renovate without being bogged down by old methods. Designers can use the imitation brick for their displays. Imitation brick is a polyurethane composite that enables people to make hardened panels of brick veneer molds. These panels can cover about ten square feet or more within one minute which reduces labor time to such a low fraction that people can save thousands of dollars on any kind of project.

Great companies like Faux Stone Depot have created an exact representation of brick veneer molds in a dozen different colors. With real grout lines and thick exposed brick styles retail stores can create special displays that attract customers’ eyes, as well as, their wallets. Using imitation brick panels enables store owners to simply adhere the panels on the wall themselves.

Using brick panels can save them a ton of time and help them to open the store faster which equals more profit. Not only do they look great, but they can help designers create a longer list of creative applications that can help the stores look and feel great. Imitation or fake brick panels can help any blank and boring store become one of the most popular retail outlets in their area by simply using these panels to help create the brand.

Retail Store With Brick Design
Retail Store With Brick Design

This brand is the first way people become acquainted with any product and creating a memorable design helps attract more business.

Imitation or fake brick panels can help any blank and boring store become one of the most popular retail outlets in their area by simply using these panels to help create the brand.




Do You Think Natural Stone Veneer Lasts Long? Think Again.

Ready To Renovate? Do Not Hesitate

House Under Renovation
House Under Renovation

Thousands of businesses from hotel developers to interior designers love the traditional and beautiful look of stone or exposed brick. When people decide to renovate their home or business and they are looking to create a stone or brick look they immediately think that the natural products are stronger then the alternatives.

This is a misconception that is slowly being reversed because of the problems that arise with traditional masonry projects. When building or renovating stray away from conventional methods in order to avoid problems in the future.

Stereotypes lead most people to use natural elements because that is all they are familiar with. People have the strong sense that stone is stronger then its alternatives. This is a big mistake because the porous characteristics of natural elements make it easier for them to get dirty. The stones get mildew inside of it and make it very hard to clean. Polyurethane stone panels do not have this problem because of the closed cell structure. Thake a quick look at the catalog: http://www.fauxstonedepot.com

The image below shows at how badly the stone has been discolored. This is a great example of natural stone veneer and why it is not good to use on projects that are exposed to water on a consistent basis.

Heavy Stone
Heavy Stone

Stone Veneer Projects Take A Lot Of Time 

Stone veneer projects require a lot of time to install due the need for a stone cutting saws, mortar, grout and time for the mortar to dry correctly. Although, there have been many advances in the stone industry nothing can change the chemical makeup of the stone or how long it takes to install. The faster the pace, the more damage may occur in the future due to loose fitting stones.

Gray stone veneer
Gray Stone Veneer Example

There are stone veneer slabs that have been sold in smaller sections in order to attract more customers, but the price and installation is still very expensive compared to the new alternatives available. Stone veneer like the white quartz in the picture can run about $14 a square foot. Even with this method the choices in style and color are still very limited.

Another addition to the material cost is the installation procedure which requires a mason. This issue can double the price per square foot. Another added cost is the equipment that may need to be rented for the project if a contractor is not being used. If somebody wanted to tackle the job themselves they may not have all the tools necessary so they would have to rent the equipment.

The maintenance of stone veneer is also very expensive because it requires a mason to come out to the site and make specific cuts and seal the whole surface. The repairs cost as much as the installation especially if the project is using a different mason than the one who installed it.

Fortunately, with the advances made in chemistry and technology there are many alternatives that side step the nightmare of using old stone. Avoid the headaches and the mess by checking out the alternatives before renovating to save money and time. Stone does not compare to the benefits of using imitation stone panels.

New Trends In Interior & Exterior Design

The conversation among designers in the furniture, architecture, and interior/exterior design have all recognized and felt the change in their industry.

Faux Stone Bar Photo
Faux Stone Bar Photo

Perhaps due to a rough economy people have started to shrink their style by switching from expensive loud designs to more rustic utilitarian styles. In this day and age less is more and many industries have recognized this. In some of the most beautiful hotels on south beach or resorts around the world have switched from elaborate designs to more rustic elements with subtle hints of color. Most urban hotels embrace the modern utilitarian style which has been thoroughly enhanced with the use of polyurethane products. For example, designers like Saccarro furniture inc., as well as others, have thoroughly embraced the use of faux stone or brick to create that rustic texture without sacrificing the utilitarian style.

Almond stone panels
Almond stone panels

Hotels are a great way to reflect the direction interior and exterior design. With the bounce back of the economy a new generation of designers and builders has come to light. Various buildings are being built around the world that reflects the change in style towards a modern, sleek yet utilitarian style. These elements have been enhanced and complemented by the use of imitation stone or brick. Designers have started to apply this product to their designs to bring that rustic look to life in their projects.

The Ultimate Aid in Interior and Exterior Design.

Faux Stone Revolutionizing The Way We Build

Faux stone has been in the home improvement market for about ten years. Since then it has substantially increased in sales due to the fact that is the ultimate medium for decorating interior and exterior sections of your house without sacrificing time and labor cost. For any room in any size and shape this product can be applied.

Shower with faux stone
Shower with faux stone

Some of the most amazing applications including the use of faux stone in a shower, yes even in a shower. In this example we can see how it revolutionized the shower experience.There are no ends to it application. Another great interior example is the use of it on a ceiling. Some clients have successfully used it on ceilings making the room into a luxurious escape from the stress of the world.This gives the occupant of the room the feeling that they are in a beautiful earthy cabin with stone walls and a stone ceiling. This product enables you to transform a dead and tired master bedroom into a luxurious oasis from the stress of the day.

Perfect Fake Stone Fireplace
Perfect Fake Stone Fireplace

To the left of the text is a great picture of the different uses of faux stone to revitalize a boring looking bar into a luxurious cozy place to relax and socialize. A great example of the variety of interior uses was the application to a bar. The homeowner was tired of looking at a plain unappealing bar for his den. The bar itself was a curved surface with the span of ten feet. This product can be slightly molded and bent in order to fit the curve of the bar which goes to show how flexible and versatile this product is. The homeowner was incredibly pleased with himself now boasting he had built his own beautiful bar. The faux stone gave not only gave it a modern look but also was easy to install. Interior design was revolutionized with this product. Interior designers or set designers can easily use and reuse faux stone to transform any room or set.

Some of the biggest projects are done on the exterior of the house. These projects help make the home unique and more pleasing to the eyes. Sometimes people hide chipped paint or faded areas of the house with faux stone giving it a durable and long lasting clean fresh look. Many people love the versatility of faux stone and the value and depth it adds to any home. From mobile home skirting to column wrapping just about anything on the exterior can be reshaped and transformed with the use of faux stone. With simple measurements a couple simple tools anybody can change their house into a home. The difference is the unique customization of the house thereby making it your unique home. So if you were thinking of renovating or simply adding value to your home faux stone provides the easiest, fastest, and best way to do that while saving money.

Redesigning Made Easy

Faux Stone Interior
Faux Stone Interior

Most people are daunted with the task of renovating their bathroom or kitchen because of the construction time and the cost. Imagine if there was a product that enabled to do a month’s worth of work in one day. Now imagine if that long clean-up process changed from hours to minutes. Now the once seemingly daunting mountain of a task turns into a simple day project. So do not fear when you look at your old bathrooms and kitchens or anywhere you want to remodel because there is an answer to all your problems and concerns. The answer lies in faux stone or brick.

Many designers have used this product to extend the reach of their creativity so why can’t homeowners have the same fun. The bathrooms and kitchens are the most heavily trafficked areas in the home. The designs of those areas reflect the personality of the homeowner.

So it is important to take the design choices into your own hands. Once you have visualized what style or mood you want for the room you are working on take a picture. Use that picture as a before picture and then take one after to show you the drastic difference. Faux Stone is waterproof so it could be applied in a bathroom with no problem and no damage.

Learning to use imitation stone is simple and fun. Faux stone is made for regular people to use and install. Plus there are hundreds of how to and help articles all over the internet. In the articles you will see the endless ways this material can be applied. There are so many different applications that you even find new ideas as you peruse these sites.

This product can be applied to flat and curved surfaces. This flexibility helps give room to the creativity of the project making the homeowner. With natural stone the heavy weight and character of the stones make it extremely difficult and time consuming to do. The kitchen and bathroom have many curves and corners.

Faux Rock Pool
Faux Rock Pool


Between a tub or a kitchen table and cabinets it would be a nightmare to fit the stone to fit the room.  The time and effort it would take to remodel you kitchen or bathroom with any stone is the reason most people don’t do it.

With the advent of this product you can renovate and remodel both rooms in as little as one day. Now this is the difference maker not only can you renovate and revolutionize your home, but you can do it in one day. The durable and waterproof material of polyurethane enables you to put it in any position in any room. Just look again and imagine what you want to change.

Make your boring bathroom into relaxing oasis in one day. This simple to use product can easily give you the modern and sophisticated look you are searching for or you can go with a rustic look and feel. The possibilities are endless the main point is that faux stone saves the homeowner money and time. Plus it helps add value to your home without costing an arm and a leg. So do not fear your next home improvement project because now it is possible even with out being an experienced contractor or handyman.


Kitchen Backsplash Options

A kitchen backsplash can add an intimate feeling to an ordinary kitchen layout. Most homeowners seek to revitalize the kitchen area because it is the area that people spend most of the time in whether cooking, cleaning, or just hanging out.  A great product that is cost effective that people are using nowadays are faux stone panels because they are very lightweight and easy to install. Labor costs are very low when working with this product. Installation can be done with the use of construction adhesives and dry wall screws. There are a great variety of designs and colors to choose. There are no preparations that need to be made such as mixing, drying, or any type of mess like paints may cause. There is no need to worry about grease stains from food particles damaging the panels; they can be cleaned easily with a damp warm rag and mild soap. There is little to no maintenance that needs to be done when it comes to cleaning faux stone panels.

The panels can be installed and uninstalled very quickly to change with the seasons or themes from rural country side look to an English modernized look; faux stones seamlessly blend in everywhere. With a faux stone backsplash, you get the toughness of very real stone with the lightweight of polyurethane.

An Extra Long Shower Curtain For Modern Design

If a bathroom has a tall ceiling, a raised tub, or a high curtain rod, you will find an extra long shower curtain appropriate. Because a shower curtain prevents damage to the bathroom floor from water dripping in, more frequently today’s bathrooms will require a lengthier curtain to go with the modern designs. New tubs today are created to provide a sense of more spacious interior without using up much bathroom area. Wall panels and imitation stones are often used to add flare and create a theme for the bathroom as well. Since they use the full height of bathroom, they leave more room between the top of the curtain and the bottom of the tub.

Where You Should Buy An Extra Long Shower Curtain

Although they were difficult to find just a few years ago, advances in tub and shower design are making the extra long shower curtain a lot more common. If you’re searching for one of these brilliant curtains, however, you may still find that they’re not easily available in every store. For those who have something specific at heart, the most suitable choice might still be to get one custom sewn. A basic design can be done by any seamstress and more complex versions is often custom ordered
from home furnishing stores which manufacture their particular products. Unless you want to pay extra to custom order your extra long shower curtain, you may still be in luck. Most stores have industry catalogs and may handle your order, though they could not keep these curtains available. Internet can also provide a great choice. Online furnishing stores abound and several of these carry specialty items not carried by standard department stores.

Deciding On The Best Extra Long Shower Curtain

Selecting the correct extra long shower curtain may involve several factors. As you are buying a specialty size, it is crucial that you’ve accurate measurements when you begin. Obviously, extra long curtains will also vary in lengths. You have to actually measure the distance of the curtain rod from the floor with a tape measure. You should also appraise the total length of the curtain rod, as some larger tubs require an extra wide curtain also. Be sure that your curtain has an extra long shower curtain liner to match. In case your liner is simply too short,
you might end up having water on to the floor.

Your personal sense of style will determine the choice of your bathroom decor. Because bathrooms are generally small compared to most rooms, however, it is usually best if you keep things simple. Pick two or three colors to highlight and make sure that the curtain pattern will not clash with your bath mat, the walls, or any hanging artwork you might have. Another great idea to transform the bathroom would be to use wall accents or even wall panels. It is an easy installation process and can have the bathroom looking brad new in a matter of minutes. Maybe it’s a wise decision to decide on colors that complement to get a more complete look rather than just matching the colors.

How Replacement Windows Can Help Your House

While you want your house windows to look great they serve other purposes too. They play a role in home based security and safety and in how much money you spend. They have a direct impact on heating and cooling costs.

You will find a number of options if your windows are not energy-efficient. The first one will be to completely replace the window with a brand-new one. You could also choose to put in storm windows instead of replacing them. You could even decide to rebuild the walls for a completely new window look. A good option would be to look into replica stones or rocks to add an impactful element to a wall. These replica materials usually come cheaper in price and lighter in material to make installation easy. A company with a great variety to choose from is Antico Elements. Deciding when to replace your residential windows is not always clear. Obviously, if the current frames are rotting or damaged, you will be losing cash consistently through increased fuel bills, and you will be making it easier for an intruder to get admittance to your house. In cases like this, your window will need to be replaced. You have more options if the structure is sound. A replacement can easily still pay for itself with time, and it can definitely allow you to realize a better price should you sell the property. The one-time outlays are going to be enough to put several people off, and there are other possibilities.

Before you decide to rush out and spend lots of money on replacement windows, consider for just a moment what you can do to make your current system more efficient. If the only problem is energy efficiency and heat loss, you can think about fitting storm windows to the inside of your present windows. To preserve the exterior look of the house it is preferable to put the storm windows inside. When you do this, you additionally do not have to leave spaces for rainwater. You will be able to keep up with the storm windows easier in this way.

But replacement windows can easily frequently provide better results than storm windows. Replacing the windows is a superb option if you are planning to sell your home in the future or if you want a long term investment. Nowadays there are a number of choices when it comes to materials. You can get better levels of insulation whenever you choose aluminum, polymer or fiberglass windows. Wood is still a choice as well and frequently looks the very best. The other edge over wood is that the more durable the material the more hard it is for burglars to break in. The window is typically the simplest way for somebody to break into your home. If the window is large enough to be broken and to allow a thief to climb in and go into the property, it will be sensible to think about building bars inside the windows. However, the bars will prevent it from being an exit in case of a fire.

If you are going to reduce costs on your brand-new windows, one possibility is to carry out the installation yourself. This is purely for anyone with the right knowledge and experience and a bit handy. Improperly installed windows can easily be a whole lot more expensive and wasteful of your time. If you are the right kind of person, and you wish to invest sweat equity in your home, setting up your own window treatments can easily be a highly satisfying method of raising value without breaking the bank. One great method to add value would be to add flare by using faux stone ledges. Using this method of window treatments can easily improve the overall theme of a room or space.

In most cases, though, replacement windows are best fitted  and installed by skilled professionals, and discovering the right people for the task has become easier than it once was. In earlier times, the Yellow Pages or the local papers were the obvious location to find window installers, and when you found them, you would have no understanding of their levels of competence and dedication. You really only knew about their abilities if you knew somebody who could recommend somebody to you.

Currently the Internet enables you to research residential replacement windows and find not only the ones in your area however read testimonials of their work. It is then easy to find reputable companies and avoid ones that are not going to do a great job. The Web can easily help you research the topic thoroughly so that when the installers come to provide you with an estimate you will know what you are talking about. It is easy to get the best house windows possible when you know what you are speaking about.


The trouble-free advantages of faux brick

Today’s biggest challenge for new homeowners is to find affordable products for interior designing.

One of the new innovative products that are buzzing around the internet is river rock faux stone panels. It is a new exciting and cost-friendly method to re-vitalizing the home. There has been a recent boom in the new product that has made installation and design easier, faster, and more economical as well.

Fake stacked stone sheets are offering stunning tactics, which should be quite affordable. Virtually anyone should be able to acquire economic efficient set up equipment. Deciding on all of the most suitable product or service to achieve your installation will give your residences power to make other choices. Restoring imitation river rock by making use of fresh new pigments will also make an overall impact on the new project.

You most likely can cleanse stone generally with the use of drinking water and cleanser. Most paints are flat-based and easy to touch up and fix. Outside garden areas are tremendously high in demand as of recent times. Customers should consider a good solid rock design for some outside the house projects.

Start to improve entertainment areas in the home. Mock Rocks sections ensure functional thin stone products that are financially affordable and easy. Classic faux stone as compared to Mock Rocks veneer sheeting produce insufficient value and can be time consuming.