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How To Install Faux Stone

How To Install Faux Stone

Faux stone in the form of paneling is engineered to interlock and fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Laguna faux stone panel cappuccino

These products require very little tools to install. All you need are basic carpenter’s tools like circular saws, drill and construction adhesive. It’s quite simple to install them.

Take a look at the panels, if they have the protruding fingers on the right side then you will install the panels from right to left so that the next pane will just sit atop the previous one.

Before starting to install the panels it would good practice to make a chalk line at the base of the wall to make sure the starting row is straight and  horizontal.

The first panel should have the right edge cut straight and remove the “fingers”. This way the panel will butt tightly against the next wall.

Cutting one side of the faux stone panel to create a straight edge.

With a caulking gun and a tube of adhesive, apply a generous amount of adhesive in the back of the panels. Also apply it where the panels overlap.

Continue installing panels by interlocking them with each other. When you reach the end of the wall you should measure how many inches you have to cover and cut the last panel to fit that space.

When starting the next row, you do not need to use a new panel. We suggest using the leftover panel from the previous row. By doing this the joints in each row will not align with those in the row below.

If you have ordered outside corners, this is when you install them.

You may also miter-cut the panels at 45 degrees if you prefer not to use corners.

If your panels are not installed between to right-angle walls, so the edges of the panels are visible, you may use our Trim pieces to cap those edges. This is also useful if you install the panels half way on a wall.

Explore all the colors available in our catalog.

In most cases the caulking of the joints is not necessary. You may want to consider using it on the white panels, where the joints are more visible. The darker colors usually do not need caulking.

Faux stone installed in an interior fireplace application.

Five Reasons To Use Fake over Real Brick.

People have been finding out that faux stone is better! Many homeowners or business owners have been using faux stone instead of real stone for their home and business renovations! See why you should too!

Imitation Vs Real
Cut Faux Stone Polyurethane

  1. Desirable Installation Perks: Faux Stone Panels are lightweight and easy to install. With simple woodworking tools, you can make virtually any adjustments by simply cutting it to the desired shape and dimensions. With adhesive and screws you have the look of days worth of work in a few hours and with lower labor costs if you do the project yourself.
  2. Get that Consistent Look: For a pattern with no variation in the grout lines the Faux Stone panels are a great choice! Faux Stone brick typically comes in panels that interlock together and give you a consistent and unified look despite the various persons and time frames that go into working on your project.
  3. Minimal Maintenance Needs: Faux Stone does not stain easily, there is no grout deterioration to deal with and no chipping away at the crumbling layers of aging stones. Even better, you can find these panels UV and water resistant and can even keep color lasting longer.
  4. Look of Real Stone: Faux Stone panels are made out of moldings that are created with the use of real stone. The molding creates a very real shape and texture taken from the actual stone which leaves the panel looking and feeling as realistic as the real thing.
  5. Affordable: The manufacturing process and material of the product allows Faux Stone to be much more affordable than real stone, yet with more advantages, including the savings on labor to install the products. Installation of these products are so simple that the cost of installation is reduced significantly.

Overall, Faux Stone is more affordable as well as convenient without putting a hole in your pockets for the look that you want.


Set Designers Find Big Help In Polyurethane Products

Set designers are always on a time crunch so it is extremely important to use stone products that speed up the process but look great at the same time.

They are always looking for ways to save money and time. Using a product that continually achieves both tasks is hard to find.

Movie Set
Movie Set

Polyurethane panels can help set designers build the facade of a stone house or castle in hours instead of months.

This product has been a great tool in the movie industry as well because it adds depth to the different scenes by making the sets seem more realistic.

Any set and trade show booth designer can agree after they see the process through. From beginning to end the faux stone panels help make the project look realistic but it also saves them time. Filming on site, whether it is a bank in Manhattan or a house in the suburbs, is quite expensive because of the price involved with renting out the space for a movie shoot.

Polyurethane Gives Movie Sets More BANG For Their Buck

Movie Set
Movie Set

That is why it is so important to use faux stone and other polyurethane architectural elements such as mantles for fireplaces and limestone style balusters because they not only create great looking sets but they speed up the construction process to a fraction of the time.

Durability is also a big issue when designing these sets because the chaotic process involved with the construction of a set can be quite hectic. The strength of the polyurethane panels and architectural elements is another great advantage of using these panels which what makes them perfect for set design.

Fireplace Remodeling Without The Hassle

The fireplace is one of the hardest areas to remodel. Finding a product that speeds up the process is essential to getting a great professional project. Using imitation stone can give you the best look at the best price. You save on installation and labor costs and you can make your home look great.

Perfect Fake Stone Fireplace
Perfect Fake Stone Fireplace

Every stone project requires a long time to complete. The best way to avoid a long construction period is by utilizing faux stone walls to create that great stone look in a tenth of the time.

If the fireplace looks blank and boring and it is in dire need of remodeling, then don’t fear a long construction process.

With the following information you will learn how to avoid expensive contractors and tedious masonry labor.

  • First we have to start with the surface. If your fireplace already has brick or stone facing on, it’s no problem. All you have to do to cover it is by using some sheets of plywood that can be screwed onto using masonry screws. This way homeowners can avoid taking off the actual stone facing without an expensive and messy tear down process.
  • Once a flat surface has been created around the perimeter of the fireplace then it is time to take the dimensions. Write down as many dimensions with the tape measure as you can in order to get the most accurate estimate of how many panels you will need to use.
  • Most projects will require cuts to panels. Find a place outside that is easy to clean so when the dust from cutting the panels falls on the project area it can be easily dispersed or swept up. Cutting them on grass is great since it only takes a quick shower from a hose to wash away the dust without any trouble. It is important to remember to cut as you go so that you don’t make any mistakes.

    Mitered Faux Stone Panels
    Mitered Faux Stone Panels
  • Here comes the fun part of applying the actual panels to the project site. When you are putting them on the surface hold the panel in its place for about a minute or two with your full weight to secure the panel onto the substrate. Drive some screws into it.

    Adhering Panels
    Adhering Panels

Once you are done use your touch up kit to paint any spots that may require it. Now you have a new fireplace.

Remodeling the fireplace makes a big difference and adds value to the house.

Creating a unique fireplace means making the best possible product without taking a long time. Finishing that long project in less than a day is worth it because it makes the renovation process a lot easier.

Quick Installation Of Faux Stone Panels – DIY Stone.

Quick Installation Of Faux Stone Panels – DIY Stone.

If you own or rent a home you have probably experienced the stress involved with dealing with contractors. Some tenants try to build a decorative stone wall on their own because they cannot justify the cost of hiring a contractor when they do not own the unit. This usually adds to the overall frustration of the homeowner or tenant.

Stress related to real stone installation
Stress related to real stone installation

The DIY option is rapidly growing thanks to the fact that natural stone is not the only solution available when we need to create a stone wall. When using products faux stone panels or even cast stone the entire project becomes quite simple AND more affordable overall.

So, let’s safely assume that the average homeowner does not want to deal with mixing cements, cut and fit stone by stone or even brick, and even less worry about grouts between each block.

How real stone is installed
How real stone is installed

Materials like cultured stone or faux stone panels have been developed with the average “Joe” in mind. Who can’t use adhesives and screws in this DIY age?
That’s right; this is all you need to install faux stone panels. Let’s take a look at the steps required to install them.

Precautions – Keep in mind that you will need to use some carpentry tools. If you are not familiar with these tools please use caution.Tools Required:

  • Protection goggles
  • Circular saw or any saw available
  • Screws or nails and a tool to drive them
  • Some building glues for the panels
  • If installing outdoor, make sure to use galvanized screws

Preparing the walls:

  • Unlike real stone or the cultured type these fake panels do not need a concrete board or metal wiring. You can glue and nail the panels in place.
  • Make sure you have a solid surface on which to affix the faux stone panels. This can be drywall, concrete or even directly on the wood framing.

How to use the panels:

Stone 1
Stone 1

Stone 2
Stone 2

Stone 3
Stone 3


Most faux stone panels are designed and developed to remove most of the work from the users’ hands. These panels slide into with each other with the help of the interlocking edges that create a nice uniform look. In order to achieve this you will need to follow a straight line along which you can install the parts.

  • Start by laying your panels on the floor and see how many you need per row.
  • You will need to complete the first row before going to the next
  • Remove the joints on one side of the first panel and start your installation in the opposite direction.
  • Apply the glue in the rear, flat part of the panels and on the lips that will hold the next piece.
  • Secure the panel with some screws in the middle, by trying to hide them below the stones.
  • After the next panel is applied you can then drive the fasteners where the lips are.
  • When cutting a piece, you will need to mark and cut from the back side to avoid scratching the front surface and avoid “chipping”.
  • The ideal tool is the table saw but most tenants will not have one. In this case a skill saw will work just fine.
  • At the corners you can use pre made parts that blend into the panels perfectly to make the process even easier.

The manufacturers recommend not using caulking on the joint since the product is designed to interlock without visible gaps. Make sure to always follow an initial straight line.

As you can see, stone walls can be now created without real stone or contractor. Enjoy!

Contemporary Bathroom Faux Stone Panels Can Bring Joy to Restroom Decorations

Adding a new atmosphere in the restroom could be done by installing affordable faux stone panels. The bathroom is considered to be a major section of the home that should be properly maintained as a way to make it a far more gratifying. The look of the walls in this particular location are among the most significant items to be considered. With a modern look, the wall should have some pacific looking stone, with some gray white or metallic colors. These faux stone panels can be found in a multitude of colors and designs at stores that offer faux stone panels.

When it comes to more contemporary home designs you might want to consider different types of panels with different stone types. The unique finishes of the stacked stone or river rock can produce soothing atmosphere in the room. There are many models of these panels that you can easily obtain in the market which range between the most basic designs up to the stylishly complex ones. The specific style will have an impact on the overall look.

When selecting the best stone veneer is also vitally important to make it more functional. Placing the most appropriate type of curtains and paintings inside the bathroom is essential in making this room not just a place for your daily routine. Finding the best cheap faux stone panels will require considering significant factors. One of the critical points to remember is that not all stone panels have the same quality. The second important thing is the warranty offered by the various companies.

Make sure to take your time when deciding these things.