Faux Stone Panels Advantages Makeover Ideas

Traditional Design And How It Has Evolved

When people mention a traditional design what is the first thought that comes to mind? Most people tend to think about old antiquated genres of style. Perhaps Victorian interiors or Greek masonry come to mind but in reality traditional design has evolved as our perception old has changed. Every generation has its own style. The way we view traditional home design reflects how we think about the past.

Polyurethane brick
Penthouse faux brick panels application

Some luxury designers like to use traditional concepts to create their own brand of luxury. Many modern penthouses and condos combine exquisite modern improvements with traditional styles.

As of 2013 designers have created a strong push for a well balanced approach when designing. There is a hint of utilitarian efficiency that can be seen in modern showers that are designed with basic amenities and no extra pieces.

“Simple, yet elegant,” was how one of the home owners in the prestigious Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach have described the styles of condos being created. Many condos are selling fully furnished which give people a chance to see just what direction style is taking. Plus it saves them time and money so they don’t have to find furniture themselves.

Industrial space redesigned
Using white brick to redesign a modern space

The designers are establishing more influence amongst the construction industry. More and more clients have flocked to the advice of interior designers and the contractors in turn follow the clients’ wishes. With the onset of new products to the home improvement market many designers have increased their flexibility by using the newest, most advanced technology and products available to them. Some of this advanced technology has created an exploding market of polyurethane architectural elements. It is an incredible solution to the problems that come with stone because it helps save on installation cost, labor cost, and time expense.

Most designers have the need for using products that help extend their creative needs. Polyurethane architectural elements, like the high quality products we distribute, are one of the ways designers have extended their capabilities in their field.

Faux Stone Panels Advantages Makeover Ideas

Fireplace Makeover

Any fire place can be easily transformed in a day with the faux stone panels.

The fireplace is usually a dominant characteristic of any home. Its central location in the home guarantees every guest will see it. The fireplace is iconic so using a unique design to make your home a little more cozy is very important.  
When most people buy a home they like to make it their own with their own additions. Fireplaces represent the most common place people start to personalize their home. When considering changing or decorating your fireplace consider using faux stone if you plan to do it yourself.
Project Completed
The completed faux stone fireplace

The greatest advantage of using faux stone to remodel your fireplace is the diversity of colors and textures that can be applied. Paint will fade and could be a messy and stressful process. Replacing the whole fireplace set or columns etc. will be expensive, tedious, and messy. The best way to avoid this and save money as well as time is by simply using these products to accentuate and revolutionize your fireplace.

The durable material is called polyurethane but it should still be kept at least five to six inches from the heat source. There have been many people who had extra masonry done around their fireplace, yet they constantly complain about how long it takes and how much dust was bothering them.

How real stone is installed
How real stone is installed

For any design purpose imitation stone or brick could be applied to the fireplace as long as it is five to six inches away from heat source. We could take a plain beige wall and white fireplace and transform it into one of the most appealing and unique fireplaces in any home.

Find your color theme then establish the mood you want to set. Then take your measurements and just apply it to the surfaces. Within one day you have a new fireplace. The best feeling is knowing that you did it yourself and you saved money while beautifying your home and increasing its unique qualities and characteristics.

When redesigning your fireplace take a look at the edges and then the furniture. Observe the colors you have in the room and the texture. If you want to change the color and texture faux stone or brick can do both.

Redesigning is also redefining your living space and lifestyle. By creating your own version you are putting yourself in the designer’s seat so have fun and explore your options. But do not get stuck deep into a huge construction project that will consume your living space such as this project has in this home from the picture below.

stone mortaring and construction
Stone Mortaring and Construction

Once enough research has been done the logical conclusion will be to use the faux stone if you want to contrast or accent the fireplace in your humble abode.

There are many examples where you can see how it vastly changes the look of the room. Any quiet plain room is now dominated by a beautiful fireplace giving it a luxurious look and feel. So enjoy using faux stone or brick in your next fireplace makeover. Good luck and have fun with your project.