Faux Stone Panels Advantages

Tips On How To Install Imitation Brick Paneling Like A Pro.

Making the choice of going with imitation brick instead of the traditional types is probably the biggest part of the planning of your project.

Whether you plan an indoor or outdoor face-lift these panels are a fantastic choice.

There are many ways to install the brick panels.
Make sure not to rush. Lay the pieces around your walls and corners and plan as many cuts as possible. This will reduce the material waste and make the whole wall look better.

One mistake many installers make is to apply the panels above the baseboards:

Brick Panel Above Baseboard

If you have ever noticed real brick walls, they always start from the ground up, not above a wooden board 😉

Real brick wall used to serve as a foundation to bear the weight of floors above or the roof.

We strongly suggest removing the baseboards and starting the project from the ground up:
Installed On The Ground

Notice how nice they look installed this way. They don’t seem suspended in mid-air 🙂

Now, many installers don’t plan the application of the adhesive and screws correctly. They Apply adhesive everywhere and drive screws or nails all around the panel.
You can save time and material by applying the adhesive only in the back of the panels and the “fingers”. The screws should be put only in the middle of the panels and on the right fingers.

We suggest applying the adhesive in the front area only when you’re ready to install the next panel. Apply the adhesive to the “flaps”, which are the flat areas around the panels. In this case on the right and the top lips.

Where To Apply Adhesive

The screws should be put on these flaps only after the second panel is applied. You do not need to install screws before then and waste time and money. After the next panel is applied you can drive the screws where these flaps are and push the two panels together nicely and create a tight fit.

More great tips coming soon.