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How To Use Faux Brick Panels To Wrap An Existing Post Or Column

We all have seen, in our own home or in other places, those ugly metal or wood posts used to hold a porch or the load bearing beams in a basement.

before wrapping with faux brick panels
Before wrapping with faux brick panels

In most cases people use faux wraps to clad these posts and make them look like real brick. In some cases the size of these pre-made faux brick wraps is either too large or too small. This doesn’t mean we have to give up. With the help of faux brick panels you can make your own size wrap around any size post or column.

The beauty of these panels is that you are not limited to a specific look. You may make the column larger at the bottom and tapered toward the top.

This is accomplished by mitering and beveling the cuts on each piece installed.

To start you should deiced the overall size you want, to this dimension subtract the thickness of the brick panel and come up with the size of the frame or box to build around the existing posts.
You can also make a more narrow size column by avoiding building the frame and install the panels directly over the post.

You may build the box or frame out of plywood – for exterior use we recommend marine plywood or pressure treated wood.

Pre-Made faux brick wraps
Pre-Made faux brick wraps

At this point pick a starting point and use the left side of the first panel.

When you reach the first corner of the frame go on the back of the panel and make a pencil line right at the corner. This is where you will be miter-cutting the faux brick panels.

Mark the back of the brick panel and cut here
Mark the back of the brick panel and cut here

Using a table saw or a circular saw make the 45 degree cut with the good size of the panel facing down. You want to angle the saw so that the back of the panel will have the shorter side of the cut. You also want to take the least possible material out of the front side of the Use brick panels to wrap any material.
The left over piece is not waste, rather is the piece you will need next.

Take this piece and miter it again to match the angle of the previous pieces. This should leave you with a triangle-shaped piece of material.

Miter the other half of the brick panels to match the angle
Miter the other half of the brick panels to match the angle

At this point you may put the two mitered pieces together to check the quality of the cut. If they meet nicely you can proceed to mark the right side with a pencil, right were the second corner of the frame is.

Continue these steps until you have completely wrapped the first row of panels around the box/frame.

For every row of brick panels you should stagger the seams so that they don’t always line up in the same vertical line.

Now you should use a sanding block to smooth out and blend together the individual bricks at the very tip of each corner. Cover the sanded areas with caulking and when dry apply some paint from the Touch-up Kit available for ordering online.

Sand and touch up the corner areas
Sand and touch up the corner areas

You are not bound by any rule when using faux brick panels from because their versatility and flexibility is unmatched by any other product that looks as realistic as this.



Faux Stone Panels Advantages Makeover Ideas

Traditional Design And How It Has Evolved

When people mention a traditional design what is the first thought that comes to mind? Most people tend to think about old antiquated genres of style. Perhaps Victorian interiors or Greek masonry come to mind but in reality traditional design has evolved as our perception old has changed. Every generation has its own style. The way we view traditional home design reflects how we think about the past.

Polyurethane brick
Penthouse faux brick panels application

Some luxury designers like to use traditional concepts to create their own brand of luxury. Many modern penthouses and condos combine exquisite modern improvements with traditional styles.

As of 2013 designers have created a strong push for a well balanced approach when designing. There is a hint of utilitarian efficiency that can be seen in modern showers that are designed with basic amenities and no extra pieces.

“Simple, yet elegant,” was how one of the home owners in the prestigious Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach have described the styles of condos being created. Many condos are selling fully furnished which give people a chance to see just what direction style is taking. Plus it saves them time and money so they don’t have to find furniture themselves.

Industrial space redesigned
Using white brick to redesign a modern space

The designers are establishing more influence amongst the construction industry. More and more clients have flocked to the advice of interior designers and the contractors in turn follow the clients’ wishes. With the onset of new products to the home improvement market many designers have increased their flexibility by using the newest, most advanced technology and products available to them. Some of this advanced technology has created an exploding market of polyurethane architectural elements. It is an incredible solution to the problems that come with stone because it helps save on installation cost, labor cost, and time expense.

Most designers have the need for using products that help extend their creative needs. Polyurethane architectural elements, like the high quality products we distribute, are one of the ways designers have extended their capabilities in their field.

Faux Stone Panels Advantages

Painted Brick Style Can’t Compare to Faux Brick Panels

Many people have tried to paint their house or apartment with a brick style paint job. When most people try this without having any real painting experience the unassuming person has become victim to the project from hell. This is a very tedious and laborious process that requires great painting skills and experience. Usually, the painted brick style does not look good and comes out as a little tacky which is exactly what most people describe when they review it online in different chat rooms.

faux-brick paint.
faux-brick paint

The reason it looks so tacky is simply because it does not look like the real thing and it doesn’t have the same texture. When people look at it they can see the mistakes quickly because of the pattern and design. The best way to compare would be by looking at both samples of finished work from the two different methods. Hopefully the pictures below can do justice but buying a sample of the faux brick panels is the best way in order really see how big of a difference the texture makes.

Frustrated Painter

These different styles give different results; one is a high quality result and the other looks tacky. Based on the painting method most people have found some success in it but it only succeeds in covering the wall with a distracting pattern. Using the imitation brick panels gives you a great look without the frustration. Only skilled and experienced painters should be doing detailed work like that which requires experience in order to handle any unforeseen issues. The imitation brick panels offer a method that is a great alternative which provides a realistic look that really stands out without the hassle. The painting method seems like a quick fix option to many people but it usually turns out to be more of a headache. On the different do it yourself project forums most of the people write about how they realized too late they bit off more than they can chew.

Painted Fake Brick
Painted Fake Brick

The most common pictures and results on websites like Houzz show a numerous amount of projects that did not use the faux brick method and went with the painting method. Around ninety percent of people were disappointed with the results of painting method because it looks tacky. Another one of the downfalls of this method is the fact that it is incredibly detailed.

The realistic look of the faux products beats the painted method every time.

People want to see the actual texture not the appearance of texture. People want to feel warm and cozy while embracing that great urban tone which is what excites most people about renovating their homes. The fact that they can change the feeling of people by redesigning what they see. Creating an emotional response is the key to redesigning any room or house.

Bric Panels In Gray

Homeowners want to be happy with their place and feel great about the changes they made. Creating that earth toned ambiance is what most people like to combine with our modern day look in order to help bring them back into a more relaxed state of mind. So when choosing the painting method do your research and check out finished projects as well as their reviews because it can make a world of difference. This bar in the bottom section would not look right with a painted brick style which is why so many people are flocking to the faux brick panels which are realistic and easy to install. Another great advantage it does not need a large amount of installation materials or skilled labor. Customizing and redefining your home or workplace is important in order to stimulate business or increase the value of your home. Also, beautifying any area makes you feel better about yourself and invites your guests to feel more comfortable.

Polyurethane brick
Penthouse faux brick panels application


Faux Stone Panels Advantages

Save Time Using Faux Brick.

Construction of home and commercial buildings has become just like any other business, the faster projects are completed the better it is for everyone.

This pressure to complete construction projects in a timely manner is growing even more because of the economic times and the reduced profit margins of companies. When applying brick to walls we are able to see the problem even more clearly. Old-fashion brick may be a bit cheaper to purchase but are painfully slow to install. Before a contractor can start the application there are few things that make the process much slower than it would be if they used faux brick instead.

Laying brick is very slow.
Laying brick is very slow.

The old materials are heavy.
This means that delivering them to a job site requires larger shipping charges. Faux brick are light and can be sent via regular parcel. Even for large contract job you can still save quite a bit in freight costs.

The old materials are slow to install.
Looking at how these types of brick are installed you quickly realize that they are obsolete. There is a considerable amount of preparation necessary before the brick are laid. With faux brick they can simply use construction adhesive and fasten them with a pneumatic gun.

Easy faux brick installation
Example of an easy faux brick installation

It is really difficult to beat the advantages of faux brick. When completing the finished side of a commercial or residential building the best way to save money is replacing full brick with faux brick.