Installation Makeover Ideas

Conquering Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks were invented as a way to increase the structural integrity of buildings at a faster rate but they were not made to be pleasing to the eye. They provide builders with a lot of great advantages, but covering it up with regular siding or paint is cumbersome and requires a lot of maintenance. Nobody wants to have the cinder blocks showing on their home.

There are many siding options are but they require skilled veterans who are very familiar with the material. In addition, most siding options are bland and boring. These options don’t make the house pop with unique qualities and characteristics. Fortunately, the cinder blocks can easily be covered with the right siding material the trick is making sure it is water and moisture proof.

Exposed Cinder Block
Exposed Cinder Block

Most people don’t like the uniform look that every other house has so in order to customize your home and cover up that boring cinder block the best option would be using some new and innovative material.

Today’s synthetic resins can be made to look incredibly realistic and it can be formed into thousands of different sizes and shapes enabling people to get different architectural elements. There are some resin panels that save a great deal of installation and general labor time. There is no need for mortar or grout. Simple construction adhesives or screws will fasten the panels to the wall. The panels can be adhered onto any flat surface because it is light and durable. You can instantly remodel your home so it can be the envy of the neighborhood. These panels come in a large variety of styles and colors so that way even neighbors can customize their homes and still have a very unique look. Some more ideas for and pictures for installation can be found by clicking here.

Rock panels in a studio
Rock panels in a studio

A great advantage for developers and contractor is the fact that it can save money on labor and installation. Developers looking to cover up foundations or cinder blocks quickly represent great candidates for this product.

Cinder block fences also pose the perfect application for this product because builders can easily do hundreds of square feet in a day. Those fences can look their best by being given the impression of an actual stone fence.

These products also have a number of different elements that can be used to satisfy the needs of any project. Developing housing communities requires developers to find a fast and cheap way to make them unique which is very hard. Staying inside the budget and deadline range is very important. These panels help save builders’ time and money for their developments. Imagine driving into a community where all the homes were similar yet they had their own special design. The marketing power behind such a community would be very strong because people value a home that is different than any other home.

Faux Stone Panels Advantages

A room made of faux stacked stone panels

When studying or working you or your children need a peaceful and accommodating environment that allows concentration and focus.

Sometimes you can go to a library or stay longer at school, but how about having your library at home? But most important, try and picture yourself at your library, surrounded by the beauty and charm of stone.  Faux stone depot stacked stone panels are what you were looking for if you are interested in creating that specific room inside of your house of silence and harmony.

Surely these stone can be used all around the house. Most of our clients started with a small project and they ended up remodeling the entire house with us!

And that is because we care about the choice of stone you make! Our stone is made by high quality row material, water and fire proof, light and very easy to carry. Yet convenient and easy to work with. Most important is that they are molded on real stacked stone, so they do give you that timeless and relaxed feel.

Again, how convenient and time saving would it be to be able to study or work at your house with an environment that gives good vibes and energy?

Don’t hesitate to contact faux stone depot for any question!

Our goal is to guarantee you the best products for your house that not only are affordable and look good, but also that can really help you save time and stress during installation.

So are you ready for what you deserve?