Faux Stone Panels Advantages Makeover Ideas

Another Great Installation Of Faux Stone Columns On Porch Pillars

There is nothing better that the satisfying feeling of accomplishing a perfect renovation. What if you completed your DIY project in just a couple of hour? You can’t beat that.

Let’s take this porch as an example.
It is in a nice pool area with a great looking stone pavement. It also has a covered porch that creates a sheltered area for cooking and eating at a table.

before image of porch pillars
Before Installing Faux Stone Pillars

The things that do not belong there are those skinny metal porch pillars. They are too small and provide a visual feel of under-sized and flimsy.

One way to ‘beef it up” is to make it look like a real stone pillar.
It could have been accomplished by using a mason or brick layer which would not have been the most economical solution.
One thing many customers don’t realize is that the “real stone” the see in most stores is not real at all. What they’re buying is a mix of cement, rocks and other aggregates. This produces a stone that is porous and that create a dark molds and discolors.
The other drawback is the fact that these “real” stones come in small, heavy, blocks that need to be installed one-by-one, therefore increasing the overall labor.

Why spend money on a mason, money on creating a substrate in a heavy-duty material on which to install the cast stone?

Installation Of Faux Stone Posts
Installation Of Faux Stone Posts

Today this can be easily done with four light-weight polyurethane panels that easily glue and screw on a quickly made frame and screwed around the metal posts.
Yes it’s as easy as it sounds.

The four panels interlock seamlessly at the corners, providing a very realistic and rich look. For those who want to completely hide the tiny line at the joints they can apply some caulking and paint it over with our paint kit.
Here is the wonderful finished look.

After Installing Faux Stone Columns
After Installing Faux Stone Columns
Faux Stone Panels Advantages

How To Make Your Columns And Posts Look Great

What are some of the most outstanding parts of your house?

Some of the most influential characteristics of a house are the very elements that support it like the columns and posts. Columns and posts are very common in traditional home design. Therefore, many people notice posts or columns because they are a dominant characteristic of the house. Secondly, people notice them because they are exposed. Posts and stone columns are not very forgiving when it comes to highlighting the flaws in the posts and columns. If there is water damage or cracking paint on the post it will be very noticeable due to its high visibility. So it is important to take care of these elemental flaws.

The flaws in the columns and posts are highly visible due to their exposed nature. How can people find ways to spruce up their columns and posts without simply replacing them? With faux stone column wraps you can do it yourself and have fun making a column and post look great. Stone columns look great and have wonderful texture but they are expensive and time consuming to produce but this does not mean you have to lose the great look it brings to your home. Using faux stone or imitation brick and stone can easily cover those unwanted blemishes and make your house look great in the process. Check out the difference it made in this poolside paradise.

Great Example of faux stone column wraps
Great example of faux stone column wraps

Due to the different styles of homes there are a variety of column wraps available. Some come in PVC white or some are made out of wood the list is long but so are the problems associated with them. The main thing to remember is instead of using traditional elements to fix your posts and columns use faux stone wraps to make your life easier. Fixing up those faded pillars might not be something that strikes the average person as important but when you look at the difference between the cookie cutter basic columns and the ones wrapped in stone the contrast is jaw dropping.

A bare post tends to look dirty and plain over time which detracts from the beauty of that unique home. The key is to embrace the style of the house and to rectify the parts falling apart in order to accent your good parts and hide the bad. Faux pillars can provide a solution to your remodeling problems at a greatly reduced cost and give your house a new look in the process.

Faux Stone Entrance
Faux Stone Entrance

The main goal when remodeling your house is to increase the value by making a good impression. Making a good impression is not simply about vanity or ego but about feeling great. What we see effects how we feel therefore we can control how we feel by making our surroundings more beautiful. This is one of the driving factors for renovating homes, which is to feel better about their surroundings. Naturally, it helps the consumer to feel better to know there is a definite bonus in increasing the value of your home.

Interior Post Wrap
Interior Post Wrap

In order to wrap a column, pillar, or post in faux stone or brick simply the panels in the correct order following the instructions given and you will have a new post or column in no time. So for the do it your selfer in you, take a look at your home or business and decide if it is ready to be brought into the 21st century.




Faux Stone Panels Advantages

Updating the look of a porch or backyard with faux stone pillars and columns.

When spring and summer arrive the vast majority of us are drawn outdoor by the climate. Spending a few minutes every morning, having breakfast in a nice and manicured backyard or porch can make a big difference in how the rest of the day will be.

Finished pation with faux stone pillars
Finished pation with faux stone pillars

Refreshing and revitalizing the look of your porch is much easier than many people think. There is no need to build a gazebo or redo your deck if those wooden posts are not looking right and somehow are in the middle of the view from your windows.

Turning a stained or bleached piece of pressure-treated into a beautiful faux stone accent is now not only simple but fun.
To many the idea of creating a faux stone support to your upper deck may seem to entail the removal of the current structure and creating a bearing stone pillar that can hold the weight.

With the use of preformed faux stone column the project is bound to be a lot easier. These materials are designed and produced to make the installation easier by eliminating the need to do masonry work.

Gray Style Wrap
Installing faux stone around a post

They can have the stone wrap around and secured with just finishing nails for outdoor use. As for the top, where it meets your posts, you can use some nicely created stone caps to finish the job nicely.

Now you can enjoy the newly renovated patio with very affordable and effortless faux stone.