Faux Stone Panels Advantages Makeover Ideas

New Wainscot Save Time And Money

Making the wainscot can take a long time and cost an exorbitant rate thankfully faux stone or brick panels reduce the cost to a fraction of the original. The labor is where the highest cost develops and adds to the bill. Most people who go for that design want to renovate their home and increase its value. This project is a great way to add style and life to the house without detracting from its character. It helps the best characteristics of the home stand out fostering an elegant presence.


New ways to improve upon the wainscot design have been developing throughout the years, but imitation stone panels have brought about the biggest advance. These panels enable the wainscot to be installed in only a small fraction of the time it used to take:
You may create a wainscot by using our stacked stone panels. This faux stone looks great with a trim adhered at the top to give it a nice finish. It gives you the perception of a well-trimmed and finished area.

Using this style in any house is possible with faux stone products because they don’t chip or fall off after like natural stone. The other veneers of stone don’t give you the best version of stone because of all the downfalls. Other types of veneers include messy installation procedures and tedious production processes like the project to the left.

Wainscoting Stone
Wainscoting Stone

Some faux stone veneer is comprised of concrete which is very expensive and time consuming. The veneer looks like concrete because the paint they use doesn’t work well to reproduce the stone look. Making a good impression in the first few seconds is important which is why the front must look the best it can be. This traditional design can help boost the appearance of the building it is being used on plus it hides aging signs. It used to take days to add this element on a house, but now with the advent of the realistic panels, can be added anywhere. They can even be applied to stucco or cinder block with very efficient results. This will allow any style of wainscot to be developed which will helps people who want to renovate their business or home so it can look its best.

Faux Stone Panels Advantages

The Advantages Of Decorating With Faux Stone.

Nearly half of all Americans use some variety of stone products, such as stacked stone or even brick, to try to improve the atmosphere of their residences. There’s no question that these products are effective in enabling the individual to enjoy some kind of stone wall look; unfortunately they do not offer any long lasting solution or provide the saving that faux stone offers.

Imitation faux stone sheets
Imitation faux stone sheets

Decorating With Faux Stone.

For many decades our culture was used to having a member of the household do most the house work or light construction without having to pay an outside contractor. In-house construction and repairs used to be a very normal skill a household used to have. It was passed from one generation to another.
Today, for many reasons, most homeowners tend to hire a general contractor for various types of construction and even small home improvement projects.

The costs of employing a contractor today are often higher that what homeowners can afford. This is why some companies have come up with faux stone in order to provide a way of bypassing the need to hire external help.
With panels of faux stone a homeowner on a budget or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with costly labor can simply apply the panels on any surface on their own. They can pick the perfect product for their decoration preferences without having to wait for samples or design drawings.

Ordering And Delivery Process.

Another reason why faux stone is taking over cast stone, stone veneer and the cultured type in general is fact that anyone can order the material from the comfort of their desk and avoid paying high shipping costs deriving from the weight of traditional stone, brick and rocks.

Faux stone boards are approximately 9 pounds each and even with very large orders you can see a considerable saving. Some advanced web sites have a panel calculator as well as a shipping preview button. Beware of sites that do not quote you shipping costs. In the past we have found companies that billed their customers once the material was delivered.

Commercial Application Of Faux Stone
Commercial Application

Commercial And Residential Applications.

We have customers who switched from old style stones to faux stone have told us that they have no more interest in using products like cast stone or real rocks again. The ease of installation makes this product incredibly appealing to businesses. The biggest users of faux stone panels are display manufacturers. They love these panels because they help to reduce set up time at trade shows.
When using real stone it is impossible to screw the material in place and remove it when the show is over. This is only possible with high density resins faux boards.

So, the things to keep in mind when trying to make stone installation easy and affordable are these points. Come back often and take a look at our catalog to choose the style and color that goes with your design.

Faux Stone Panels Advantages

Few hours for a dream to come true: Stacked stone panels

If you want to give a personal touch to your house during the creative remodeling project of your house or working place, you should take a look at this picture.

Have you never thought of getting a table made by rock like this? Or a wall in the house made by stone? Sometimes we feel like a move out or changing house is they way to go when a change is needed. But it could be much simpler than that. If you consider a redesign scheme for your house, garden, work place, and you like what you see above, the you should consider approaching offers you a wide range of realistic stacked stone products  that would meet your needs when it gets to remodeling a surface! This type of stone are very flexible and can be applied on any type of surface, even curved ones. Panels are easy to cut and so you can meticulously cover corners and tough surfaces.This convenient way of treating a project would bring into your house a beautiful change without needing of hiring a company that does the work for you. Faux Stone Depot stacked stone items are easy to install, clean and very affordable.

The remodeling project can be done in few hours and in only few hours you can get the house that you always dreamed of!