Every product we sell has been made in the United States with American materials and labor.

Why choose polyurethane products over natural products?
There are several reasons why polyurethane products are more appealing than natural products. However, the one that tips the scales for most individuals is the cost and ease of the product and its installation process. Our products are lightweight, easy to cut through, will not rot, mold, or split, and can be easily repaired and repainted if necessary. If you have a level of carpentry skill and some basic carpentry tools you can even install our products yourself. If you decide to hire a professional, the cost of installation will more affordable than to hire expensive masons. Our products install onto curved surfaces giving you the look of real stone or brick in places where natural stones would not typically be able to install. 

How realistic are your products?
The panels are come directly from real rocks, stone, bricks, coral stone and travertine but not made of the same material. Every single detail of the mold, including the grouting duplicates perfectly onto our products. Even the colors of our products are carefully applied by hand one color at a time instead of spray painted and sponged off like many other companies. When put to the test in public, people have requested to tap or knock on our products to prove to themselves that the stone is not real. Please visit our catalog and click to enlarge the photos for a closer look at all the detail.

Should I hire someone to take care of the installation process or is this something I can do myself?
This depends on the level of carpentry skill that you hold. For example, if you are comfortable using basic carpentry tools such as construction adhesive, nails, screws, and table saw, circular saw or jigsaws then you are well prepared to tackle this project on your own with the skills that you have and with the support of our detailed instructions found on our installation page. However, if these tools seem foreign and you would prefer to have assistance, hiring an installer may be the route that you want to take.

Is the installation process of your products complex?
One of the great advantages of our product is the ease of installation. Basic carpentry tools and detailed instructions are all you need to install our panels. However, if there is any doubt at all, there is always the option to contact an installer to assist you in your project. Due to the simplicity of the installation process the cost with or without an installer will be a fraction of the cost that it would take to install real stone. A look at our installation page for detailed instructions will show you how simple the installation can be.  

Can the product be used indoor and oudtoor?
Our polyurethane products are great for both exterior and interior use. The products are both water and UV resistant. They have stood to the test of various weather conditions nationwide and yet with a beauty that can be fitting in various areas of a locations interior. 

What material is used to manufacture the product?
It is a very dense, yet light, resin called polyurethane. Some people compare it to Styrofoam but it is a very different material and definitely much more resistant to stresses.

How easy is it to work with polyurethane products?
Unlike laying real bricks and stones, our products require much less material and labor to install. Anyone with some basic carpenter tools and skills will have the qualifications to install our products. We provide an excellent installation page with detailed instructions that include pictures and in some cases even videos to guide you through the process of working with our products. 

What maintenance does this product require?
Our products are created with closed-cell polyurethane particles. The material contracts and expands by only + - 0.06 inches per panel. The panels are water resistant as well as UV resistant and durable enough to drive a car over it without causing damage. Wash with soap and water, rinse with a hose and even lightly power-wash. The panels will not absorb the water and there will be no mold or rutting. Fading in time will reach to only about 1%. These products increase popularity for outdoor use due to their excellent performance in all temperatures. 

Where can Faux Stone Depot’ panels and elements be used?
Faux Stone Depot' panels are the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a natural looking stone to any business or home. They look great indoors and outdoors. Some great work with our products has been done in:

Landscape settings,
Indoor and outdoor,
Commercial and residential buildings,
Siding for homes,
Stone wall accents,
Spa panels,
Replace old brick and rocks
And much more.

Is your product fire-proof?
We do offer the fire-rated option for our products. However, fire-rated does not mean fireproof. Our products are made of polyurethane. Fire-rated products will decrease the amount of smoke and flame in the case of a fire yet it is still recommended that they are not installed at least 12-15 inches away from any side of a hot stove or 5-6 inches around the face of a firebox with tiles or similar materials to separate our panels from the fireplace opening. We suggest consulting the manufacturer of your stove/fireplace for clearance requirement.

Does your product have an insulation rating?
Yes, our product has an insulation factor of R4-R5

How thick are your panels?
The thickness of our panels range anywhere from ½" to 1-5/8" and depends on the panels stone type.

Are the panels heavy?
One of the benefits of our products is that they weigh 1 to 1.5 Lb. per Sq.Ft. This eases the physical strain of using real stone as well as helps keep the look of real stone at an affordable price. 

What paints are recommended for your products?
You can use an oil or water-based primer and paint.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?
Our company has a warranty of 20 years that covers manufacturing defects. We are not responsible for any damage resulting from misuse or wrong installation. It is only limited to the product itself and does not go beyond the replacement of the product.

Do you offer free samples or rebate?
We are confident in our product and so we offer the samples for a cost that is then rebated to you when you make a purchase of over $200.00

Are there accessories available to complement your products?
We offer a variety of accessories that include inside and outside corners, ledge trim, interlocking corners, stone wraps, caps and more.

Do you ship to my country?
Currently we ship within the US and Canada. We are looking into expanding to other countries soon.

Can I purchase your products in a store?
In order to keep the cost of our products competitively affordable, we sell directly over the website. We do have one showroom in Miami, FL. However, having distributors and stores around the country would increase the prices currently provided to our customers.

How do I place an order?
We take orders through our website as well as over the phone. Our website provides you the opportunity to add your products to the checkout cart and preview the prices and shipping costs before you safely check out.  For personalized assistance from one of our associates, please give us a call and place your order over the phone with us. We can take you through choosing your products, calculating quantities, and answering any questions that you may have as you place your order.

How long does it take to receive an order?
Please be advised that our company does not keep products in stock. Once an order is processed, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to manufacture. Once the product is completed and ships, it takes an additional 5-7 business days for order to deliver.

What are the shipping costs and charges?
The cost of shipping that you see will be the same cost that we receive. We do not add anything to the cost of shipping for ourselves. Real-time rates reflect regular shipping and freight shipping is made available for large orders. In order to get an idea of the projected shipping cost for your order you can add the product to the shopping cart and then click on "shipping rates" which is located at the bottom of the shopping cart. Enter your zip code and state and submit. For large orders and inquiries concerning freight shipping, please feel free to contact us and ask us for a quote.

 What is the recommended cleaning method for these products?
Our products can be cleaned using soap and water, rinsed with a hose and even lightly power-washed.

How do I cover an edge after cutting a panel?
We provide trims in the accessories section of our website, or the option of creating a "return" in the case of providing cover to an edge after cutting a panel.

How do I treat or create a corner?
We have corner pieces available under the accessories section in each product category to cover the corners for your project, or you can create a "Mitered Corner" as shown in the instructions made available here.