About The Orders And The Shipping |
Based on how large the order is we can take from 7 to about 15 working days from receiving a successfully completed order. When ordering samples it only takes a couple of days. Rarely do we take more than 20 days for the regular order but it may happen. We choose regular carrier for small and medium orders and freight for the larger ones. Our shopping cart will calculate the approximate delivery time necessary. We manufacture every order so please add this time to the delivery. Extra shipping costs will apply to delivery outside the continental US states. Every order must be prepaid. Unless agreed on different terms, in order to start working on your order we will need to first receive the full payment. Please keep in mind that production may start as soon as 2 days after the order has been submitted. Any cancellation will be charged a minimum of 20 percent. When providing discounts we take the liberty of choosing the most convenient shipping method. Please consider that when ordering from outside the US you will probably have to address your local import fees and clearing through an agency. We can gladly help you with that process. 

Delivery Specifications
The most popular choice at checkout for delivery options has been the selection of not requiring a signature upon delivery. Due to the volume of this selection, it has become the default method for delivery. However, we do not take responsibility for any stolen merchandise. If you would like additional security of your product delivery, we recommend that you request this option at checkout.

Shipping Rates
The shipping rates are automatic. There is no altering of these rates in any way. The same rates we receive are the very same ones you will receive. We are able to negotiate these rates for you and you may confirm this by going to UPS’ website and create a test shipment. There are exceptions concerning some orders; when large or unique in packaging, we may be able to contact a carrier to deliver for a discounted rate.

Samples Available
 We strongly recommend ordering samples to see the colors and products in person prior to ordering. 

 Return Policy
Faux Stone Depot takes pride in the special attention to the details of the shipping and handling of your product before shipment. It is important to us that you receive the best possible quality and accurate quantities. We do our best to ensure correct and careful packaging to protect your products. It is important to us that your products remain protected during transportation and delivery. In the event that you receive an order that has incurred damages, we ask that you quickly note this damage to the driver as well as to us. Kindly ask the driver to note the damage immediately in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings when arranging for replacement merchandise. In the case that you are not present during the time of delivery, it is imperative that you perform an inspection of your products within 24 to 48 hours of delivery and report any issues or concerns that you may have as promptly as possible. 
We encourage you to ensure that you have placed an accurate order to the best of your knowledge and calculations for your project before finalizing your order at check out. At times we may try to suggest the quantities needed for your project but we are only able to “estimate” the product needed. We strongly suggest double checking that what we suggest is the correct amount. We may not be held responsible for ordering the wrong quantities, colors or accessories. We strongly recommend ordering samples to see the colors and product in person prior to ordering. Please be mindful that only through a Return Merchandise Authorization are returns accepted. Returns sent to us without having met the requirements ship directly back to the client at their expense.
Products approved for return need to be in the same packaging it was originally delivered in, within 16 days of the delivery date and must include a photocopy of the invoice. No credit will be issued to products shipped back without a prior authorization. Pictures of the damaged goods must be sent to us electronically or via regular mail. Only products purchased at Faux Stone Depot can be returned.

Large Orders:
Before investing in a large order, we recommended that you first order samples of the panels of interest. It would be in the best interest of the consumer to see the product in person to view and examine the colors more closely. We are not accountable if the color ordered differs from the one viewed online through your monitor. Please be advised that when purchasing large quantities or large items, Standard UPS shipping costs may show a higher cost than they could be via freight truck. We would like the opportunity to find you inexpensive alternatives to offer you the lowest possible cost for the delivery of your merchandise. Please contact us (via email at customer_service@fauxstonedepot.com or call 844-258-0808) to get a better shipping cost quote.

No Refunds, Returns Or Cancellations
Fire-rated panels and are non-returnable and non-refundable. Custom or special orders cannot be returned or refunded.

Using Free Sample Vouchers:
Due to a variety of electronics used to view our website and products, we encounter the issue of color distortion and at times inaccurate colors displaying altogether. To ensure customer satisfaction when they receive their orders we ask that samples of potential panel selections be ordered prior to making any final selections. A purchase of $200 or more entitles the customer to a rebate that is equivalent to the cost of a max of six samples (before shipping, which is separate). A voucher will be sent via email. When you finalize your decision and place your order you will also see your voucher available to you at checkout page. 

Samples are non-refundable.
Samples ordered are not refundable as they require some work to prepare them for you viewing. You may, of course, use their value as a deduction on your next order via the coupon code sent to you.

Fire-Rated Option: 
Choosing the fire rated option on our products does not make the product itself fireproof or heat resistant. Faux Stone Depot products are still made of polyurethane and therefore, the fire rated option is to serve the purpose of reducing the amount of flame and smoke generated in the event that a fire does occur. In fact, we would advise our customers not to use our products near high-heat sources. An area where wood or gas is burning or very close to a wood burning stove is not advisable as an area where our panels can be installed. As a frame of reference, we would suggest you ask yourself if you would put a wood plank in that same area. If you feel that the distance from the heat would be a safe distance then it would be ok to put our product in that same there.

Faux Stone Depot is not liable for any claims submitted by the buyer. This includes claims of injury, damage, or wrongful installation. Including any user or other person caused by the product sold herein by the seller to the buyer, whether the injury or damage results from the assembly, installation, operation, shipment, storage, fire or manufacture of this product. Please consult local building codes prior to installing the products.