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River Rocks - Gray

River Rock Panel - Gray

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38 inches H x 49-1/2 inches W x 2-1/2 inches D - 15Lb

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These panels automatically come in version A and B. We will ship an equal number of each.

With these beautiful panels you will create a very realistic look of river rock walls. They can be used in ponds, skirting, showers, fireplaces and many other places.

Made of high density poliurethane these panels are:

Resistant to mildew, cracking and fading
Cleans easily with mild soaps
It can be installed quickly and esily with regular carpenter's tools 

American Made Faux Stone Panels

All of our faux stone panels are made in the United States of America. We believe in creating jobs locally, supporting our local community, and our country. Do not be fooled by other companies that use imported panels from China, with looser regulations those faux stone panels can contain dangerous substances.