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Stacked Stone Sample - Sand - With Rebate - Free Standard Shipping

Stacked Stone Sample - Sand - With Rebate - Free Standard Shipping - Voucher for next purchase.



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The cost of the sample will be subtracted from your next purchase of $200 or more.

9 inches x 6 inches

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Just like the full panels, these samples are carefully hand-painted to further increase the look of natural elements. Right after ordering the sample we will send a Voucher code that you can use to redeem the cost of the sample at the next purchase.

American Made Faux Stone Panels

All of our faux stone panels are made in the United States of America. We believe in creating jobs locally, supporting our local community, and our country. Do not be fooled by other companies that use imported panels from China, with looser regulations those faux stone panels can contain dangerous substances.